Davinci IQ2

The Zenco Flow offers a unique way to experience vaporizing cannabis. Watch the video below to see a demo.


  • Instant heating
  • 4 temperature settings
  • One button operation
  • Concentrates (dry herb soon)
  • Dishwasher safe glass
  • Interchangeable glass sold separately

What's included 

1 x Water Glass
2x Vapor Coils
USB Charger
Silicone diffuser
1x Cleaning brush
Concentrate scoop

*1 year limited warranty

Davinci IQ2 buttons

Zenco Flow Vaporizer Overview

The Zenco offers a very different way to experience vaporizing. With this unit you "drink" the vapor. The vapor slowly fills the glass and looks stunning as it does, then you drink/inhale the vapor.

Allowing the vapor to swirl around the glass and with the addition of a bubbler with the Zenco flow, you get a much smoother vaporizing experience. I find that it has great flavour and is cooler than using other methods.

Currently the Zenco is compatible with concentrates and 510 thread cartridges. Eventually they will add a ceramic oven piece you can buy to make the unit compatible with dry herb.

Davinci IQ2 airflow control

Great for Parties and Sharing

The Zenco could sit on a table and you can fill the glass as needed, the best thing is the on demand vapor that you get from this unit. However I recommend the Zenco for parties and for sharing. It's a conversation starter and I've found that people like the novelty of drinking vapor. The Zenco was designed with alcohol consumers in mind as a gateway to cannabis, this has a feel of sipping spirits or a glass of wine. 

The Zenco retails for about $250 US and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty. I look forward to getting the addon to turn this unit into a dry herb vaporizer as I don't use concentrates very much however if you are someone who uses vape pens a lot, this will offer a smoother and cooler way to enjoy vaporizing.

To learn more visit the Zenco Website.

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