Pause dark chocolate by Tokyo Smoke

THC: 2mg per piece x 5 pieces
THC distillate - Indica
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar (organic cane sugar), whole milk powder, organic cocoa butter, cannabis distillate

This is a nice dark chocolate, and as the box says, created with simple ingredients. I like that the ingredients are things you likely have in your kitchen, well except for the cannabis distillate. It's not very sweet and tastes like a true dark chocolate. The pieces were a nice size, making eating the whole bar something you could do. Some edibles are just too much to eat to get your full dose.

I took 4mg and didn't feel much, but I'd say there was a feeling of mild relaxation, my mood a bit better. Overall I like this chocolate, it's simple and a great one for those of you who enjoy dark chocolate and want a low dose option.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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