Ready to try cannabis? Read this beginner’s guide to getting elevated with THC

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Have you been sitting on the fence about trying cannabis? Some people I know are interested but aren’t quite ready to take the leap to give cannabis a try. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, what to do, how to try it. It’s really not that complicated and please don’t let it intimidate you!  It may take some experimenting until you find the right strain, dose and method for you but once you do, you’ll likely to feel more relaxed than you have in years.

The golden rule is start low and go slow.

If you’re planning on smoking cannabis or vaporizing it, choose a few different types of strains to start so you can see what works best for your body. Buy a gram of an indica leaning strain, one that’s sativa leaning and perhaps one that’s in the middle. Don’t get caught up in the names, you want to look for the percentages of THC and CBD.

What are you hoping to achieve with cannabis?

Your reasons for using cannabis matters to what type of strain and how much THC you need.
If you want to try cannabis to unwind, reduce stress, for sex or if you have anxiety and/or depression: choose lower THC (10% and less) and  higher CBD strains (5% or more) Often low THC strains are high in CBD.

If you want to try cannabis for chronic pain choose a medium to high THC strain (15%+) but only use a small amount at first to see how it feels. I highly recommend taking 10 to 25mg of CBD with a high THC strain as it reduces some of the side effect, such as forgetfulness and agitation. CBD makes the high of the THC feel smoother.

If you don’t want to smoke it or buy a vaporizer, there’s two options to try; vape pens & tinctures

*I don’t recommend edibles as they take up to 2 hours to kick in and last for hours however if you want to go that route, start with 5mg or less.

Example of a vape pen

Vape pens will be on the market in October and they’re an easy way to try cannabis without shelling out too much money. When choosing a  vape pen, start with a 1:1 that means it’s equal parts CBD to THC. Blue dream is a fantastic strain for vape pens. Weed Mama will have a complete guide to concentrates and vape pens in September to gear up for legalization. Subscribe to Weed Mama to stay in the loop

Tinctures are a healthier way to try cannabis and tend to be felt more in the body than the head. Tinctures you hold under the tongue (sublingual) this is absorbed quickly into the blood stream and lasts about as long as smoking or vaping. With tinctures you also want higher CBD and lower THC.

With both methods try just one drop or one draw to start, wait about 15 minutes and take more as needed. Why so long? The effects of THC will feel the strongest at about 10 to 15 minutes after your first dose, waiting lets you see if you need more. Taking more before you feel the full effects can mean you taking too much and feeling bad.

Be in a comfortable place

When trying cannabis for the first time, be where you feel comfortable like at home and when you have some time to experiment to see how it makes you feel. This will make sure your first experience is relaxed and enjoyable. The key to trying cannabis is not to do too much and to try different strains. There’s some strains that make me feel jittery, others that make me feel like I’m floating on a fluffy cloud of relaxation. If I had tried a strain that made me feel jittery, I would’ve just assumed cannabis didn’t feel good for me, when in fact it’s just the wrong strain.

If you’re looking to experience getting high, still start low, everyone has a different tolerance level. If you take too much you’ll feel bad and it will ruin your experience. I always aim for proper, that’s that perfect place where you feel completely balanced without feeling intoxicated. The equivalent to a glass or two of wine.

Still unsure? Maybe try a cannabis coach, such as Juliane Nowe
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