Houseplant Grapefruit

THC: 2.5mg sativa dominant
Extraction process: CO2
Ingredients: Carbonated water, Distilled Cannabis™ Blend (Vegetable glycerin, Cannabis distillate, Monoglycerides, Soy lecithin, Sucrose monopalmitate), Calcium disodium EDTA, Postassium citrate, Natural flavours.


I love this drink by Houseplant, it tastes a bit like a La Croix but with a hint of cannabis. It's light and refreshing and zero sugar. It's low in THC at 2.5mg, so you could have a couple of these drink and not be consuming too much THC. It would be great for a party, or an alternative to bring to a BBQ instead of beer or wine. It's just a nice, simple drink.

I personally like a bit of a weedy taste as it's a cannabis drink, some may not like that and this drink has only a mild aftertaste of cannabis. I highly recommend this drink, it's about $5 a can which is similar to the price of an expensive soda or a beer so that price is ok. Next time you're having a few friends over for a sesh, treat them to a can.

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