Psilocybin capsules by Ground Sounds

Strengths available:
50mg, 100mg, 250mg
Products come in psilocybin only and psilocybin with a combination of other non-psychoactive mushrooms

I was lucky enough to receive samples of Ground Sounds psilocybin. I received Play That Fungi Music which has 250mg of psilocybin. Mort's Melody which contains 100mg of psilocybin. Champion Lover which contains 50mg of psilocybin and 80mg or Reishi, 80mg of cacao, 40mg of Cordyceps and 40mg of Maca.

My husband and I tried 500mg of Play That Fungi Music and I wrote a blog article about our experience. I've also tried 100mg of Mort's Melody during the day as a microdose.

I found Mort's Melody 100mg to be a stronger microdose for the day than other brands. This tells me that Ground Sounds has more accurate dosing. As a daytime microdose I found this was better than cannabis edibles for how they made me feel. I felt peaceful and happy, the effects wore off after about 6 hours.

When I contacted the company about their products, I asked if they grow their own mushrooms and this was their response:
"Our mushrooms are grown, with love, on the side of a beautiful mountain.  They are thanked for their participation in aiding the humans on our planet to feel more grounded, grateful and at ease with themselves and their surroundings.  Our goal is for the interaction with our product to make people feel light-hearted and uplifted at every step."

I absolutely love Ground Sounds psilocybin. I love their philosophy, that they grow their own mushrooms with love and how good the mushrooms feel. I highly recommend Ground Sounds for their high quality psilocybin.

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Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. Ground Sounds never stated that they grown the mushrooms, just that they are grown on the side of a mountain; they could be grown on the side of a mountain in Siberia by forced labor for all you know or prisoners at a work-camp in Mississippi but it’s done with LOVE. And they want you to feel good.

    They did not provide you any genuine information;; just they’re standard public relations marketing gibberish that accompanies all of their products.

    1. Author

      They’re grown in BC. Pretty much all mushrooms in Canada are grown in BC

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