Foray Vanilla Chai milk chocolate square

THC: 10mg per square x 1 square
THC blend
Extraction process CO2
Ingredients: Milk chocolate [sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients (milk), unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin (soy), vanilla bean seeds], natural flavour, cannabis distillate.

I love Foray chocolates, they're made with a high quality chocolate and they're thin, a pleasant way to enjoy a piece of chocolate. This is one 10mg, so it's not a product I'd recommend for anyone trying edibles for the first time as 10mg may be too high of a dose, this is meant for people who need a higher dose. The laws in Canada state only 10mg maximum per package so that's all we'll ever be able to buy until they change the laws.

How does it taste? Personally I didn't like it, it has that chai taste and mixed with chocolate isn't good to me but I know others that love this chocolate and rave about it, so it's personal preference. If you like you're chocolate to have a unique flavour with a bit of spice, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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