Bhang CBD milk chocolate

THC: 1mg CBD: 10mg (per chocolate bar)
Ingredients: Sugar, bittersweet chocolate, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla, cannabis distillate (contains milk and soy)

Honestly I'm not sure how to review this product because I don't see the point of it, it's only 10mg for the entire bar which isn't very much and at around $5 + tax per package, you're better off buying CBD oil and eating chocolate separately. If this was a 20- 50mg bar or if each individual square was 20mg and you took one square a day, that would be better. Even still, CBD is more like a supplement and something you should take regularly and you need to play around with the dose to find out which is best for you. This isn't a good way to try CBD, Bhang makes other chocolate offerings with THC in it that would be better, or try another product that has has both THC and CBD in it. Personally I find this product a waste of money.

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. I just tried this product thinking it was the THC-containing version. Just as you said, what is the point of this product? I found this site in search of that very answer…lol. The THC version was excellent, even the dark chocolate is good, which I normally don’t like. Just avoid the THC-Free version.

    1. Author

      There’s a few on the market, not much in the way of chocolates but several gummies like the pomegranate blueberry acai gummy by Wana that’s high in CBD

      1. I believe the point to this product is for people who want to stop antidepressants, ease anxiety..ect but do not want to get high.
        Apparently, top choice for anyone looking to use CBD to quit smoking cigs.

        Not everyone gets into weed to get high.

        1. Author

          I recommend if that’s what you’re trying to do is to use a CBD oil. Buying a chocolate bar with only 10mg isn’t going to do much and it’s a very expensive way to get CBD. I have a review section for oils as well, lot’s of good ones on the market to choose from. I also have an entire page dedicated to CBD and how to use it, you can find that under the Learn tab. I’ve also written a thorough blog post on CBD, you can find that in the articles section, here is the link

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