Cherry Cola Pop Chocolate by Kolab Project

THC: 10mg per square (1 square total)
THC blend
Ingredients: Milk chocolate (sugar; unsweetened chocolate; cocoa butter; milk ingredients (milk); soy lecithin; natural vanilla flavour), popping candy (sugars: (sucrose, lactose, glucose) carbon dioxide), natural flavours, cannabis extract Contains: Milk, Soy

Kolab Project has a few great edibles on the market and their Cherry Cola Pop is one of my favourites. I wasn't sure how cherry cola flavour would translate to a chocolate but it works great! It tastes just like a chocolate cherry Pepsi. The fun part of this edible is it has pop rocks inside which I wasn't expecting, so had a good giggle while my mouth crackled.

I had to cut this square in half as 5mg is my dose. I'd love to have this chocolate in smaller 2mg pieces as I wanted more! Also if you do need a smaller dose, it's hard to get a precise dose when you have to cut it up. Overall I recommend this edible if you like something to let your inner child have some fun and you want the full 10mg.

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