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Tolerance break day 3: Cannabis is my medicine and the entourage effect

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Ok, day three of my tolerance break and wowsers has this been a whopper of week to choose to reduce my cannabis use! But guess what, it has also been highly educational. I’ve suffered from a mysterious all over body pain that started in my early thirties, I’ve had numerous tests but everything was clear, doctors decided it’s just how my body reacts to a virus. Currently my body pain is pretty bad as I’ve …

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Chicken Stock Recipe (bonus-link to making cannabis infused oil)

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Over the next 5 days I’ll be posting about being more mindful in everything I do including cannabis and how I eat. I’ll share some recipes with you that I find help me eat better and are easy to do, tired parent need easy! Chicken stock recipe You’ll find many recipes for chicken stock and it’s really basic stuff. However the absolute best chicken stock comes from rotisserie chicken. After you’ve bought a “caution hot” …

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Day 2 Tolerance break: How it’s going and what exactly is mindfulness?

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Day 2 of my tolerance break where I’ve decided to eliminated/reduce THC for 5 days to not only reset my tolerance but be more mindful of how I use cannabis and in all aspects of my life. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being fully present and conscious in everything you do. You do things intentionally and not mindlessly. For example while eating you slow down and taste the food, feel the texture in your mouth, …

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5 day tolerance break: Day 1 mindful eating to start your day (recipe included)

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Here we are on day one of a reset/cleanse if you will. I’ve decided to eliminate THC for 5 days to give myself a tolerance break from habitual use to a more mindful approach. It’s just one of the many things I’m doing to reset bad habits including bad eating. It’s very easy to eat like shit when you’re always on the go, especially as a parent. Today I’m going to show you my go …

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My 5 day tolerance break: Moving towards mindfulness

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Every now and then we need to reset. When life gets busy and stressful we can slip into bad habits as a coping mechanism. Personally, I’ve been hit with virus after virus and my body is demanding attention. I’ve found that instead of using cannabis mindfully, I’ve been using it habitually and so I’ve decided to go on a tolerance break. This is when you either reduce or eliminate cannabis for an amount of time …

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3 ways cannabis is beneficial to parents

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I can sing the praises of cannabis all day, every day and how it helps me as a parent but that’s because I’m a regular user and I know first hand how beneficial it is for my overall well-being. If you’ve never used cannabis before, here’s three ways cannabis can help you as a parent: 1.Being Present This for me is what’s most beneficial, the way cannabis like magic brings you into the here and …

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How to use cannabis to feel the way you’re supposed to feel, you know proper

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Finding the sweet spot There’s a sweet spot with cannabis, right before intoxication where you feel a perfect sense of inner balance. You feel calm, centered, the way you’re supposed to feel, proper. This is the Weed Mama way, it allows you to enjoy everything cannabis has to offer, without the side effects that comes with higher doses such as forgetfulness.  Like alcohol everyone has a different tolerance level. Some people I know can drink …

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Cannabis makes me a better parent

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I used to scroll through my Facebook feed and come across Wine Mom, a fun Buzzfeed segment where a mom named Hannah would drink and talk about motherhood. Every time she would open with “wine makes me a better parent”. I enjoyed the videos but would also think “where’s Weed Mom?” that’s when I conceived of Weed Mama. Mommy shaming While Wine Mom’s comments section was filled with laughter and high five’s, over on other …

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Holiday season is coming so we’re giving you a discount when you shop at!

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Welcome to a new dawn of cannabis for women, where style and sophistication is redefining modern cannabis culture. is one such company that makes cannabis accessories for those of you who adore beautiful things. Handmade Their teacups, stash jars and ashtrays are handmade in Canada and each cup is hand dipped and unique. The mandala represents the cannabis flower and the leaf is the heart, radiating out from the centre, representing the healing flow …

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Weed Mama in the news!

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For years I took notes, scribbling down ideas, creating a framework for an online cannabis business and Weed Mama was born. I was ready for slowly growing Weed Mama, I had no idea how fast my dream would take off! I’m so grateful for the positive reception and so happy all that planning, all the studying and hard work paid off. I thank you everyone, for joining me on this amazing adventure! Here’s Weed Mama …