Rad Refreshers Watermelon Sugar

THC: 10mg (12g package)
Flavours: watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry blast, lemon lime zest and CBD blue raspberry.
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Natural and artificial sweeteners, Antioxidants, anti-caking agent, Cannabis extract powder (Cannabis extract/distillate, modified starch, modified vegetable oil)

There's a few flavours of THC sugar by Rad the only one I could find was the watermelon flavour. If I could have chosen, I would've picked the blue raspberry because not only does it remind me of those slushy drinks from when I was a kid, I think I could make own with this sugar.

Just mixing it into water is ok, the watermelon was a mild flavour, not too distinctive and also not bad tasting. However it took awhile to get the sugar to dissolve and it never fully did, leaving some precious THC residue behind. 

I highly recommend this as a flavouring to a mocktail, make your own slush drink or anything you can conceive of that you can add sugar to. However I would mix it in hot water first so it can dissolve better and let it cool, then add it to drinks. This way you can make sure you're getting the full dose. 

Overall I think this product has many potential uses, if you get creative with it. You could make infused popsicles for the summer, infuse some iced tea or better yet, sweeten your hot tea. If you've figured out a good recipe with the Rad Refreshers THC sugars, do share it with us in the comments!

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