CBD Goji Grapefruit Kombucha by Impromptu

THC: 2mg  CBD: 20mg
Ingredients: Kombucha, Organic cane juice, Grapefruit extract, Ginger tea, Black carrot extract, Organic goji tea (Sencha green tea, Natural flavours, Goji berries, Calendula), Cannabis emulsion (water, gum acacia, organic coconut oil, citric acid, tocopherols, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, quillaia extract, cannabis).

I have to start by saying that I don't like kombucha, it tastes like vinegar to me and I usually have to fight my way through drinking any kombucha beverage. However Goji Grapefruit Kombucha by Impromptu is delicious!

There's so much to love about this beverage, first of all it's 20mg of CBD which is a nice high amount of CBD for a drink. It also has 2mg of THC so you can drink more than one and not worry about getting too high.

The taste is great, no vinegar taste it's sweet but not too sweet and smooth. I was worried it would be a bitter, vinegary drink but it was not at all bitter, it tastes really good.

I also love the ingredients with various teas, black carrot extract, goji berries and sweetened with cane juice. Looking at these ingredients one would think it would be awful but this is a kombucha drink I can actually swallow. Highly recommend!

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