Blue Razzleberry 3:1 CBG to THC Pearls

THC: 2mg each (x5) CBG: 6mg each (x5)
Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, glucose), Water, Gelatin, Citric acid, Coconut oil, Propylene glycol, Fumaric acid, Cannabis extract, Natural flavour, artificial Color (FD&C Blue NO. 1, FD&C Red NO. 40, Propyl Paraben (preservative))

Grön is an American brand that's now available in Canada. Danielle Simone Brand listed this product as one of her favourites in an article for Weed Mama: Beyond THC & CBD: Minor & Alternative Cannabinoid Product Reviews and I have to agree, I love this brand.

I'm not loving the artificial colour in this product however I do love the high CBG you get, with 30mg in the whole container, you're getting a nice dose of CBG.

CBG is a minor cannabinoid that's starting to show up in more and more products. It's similar to CBD in that it relaxes you without intoxication however CBG feels more alert and less drowsy like CBD.

The flavour is great, it's quite sweet and sour/tangy with that classic blue raspberry taste. Bonus it retails for around $4 a container and I buy a few of them. I highly recommend giving Pearls by Grön a try.

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. Hello, would like to know the ingredient properties, calories, carbs, etc. Can’t find anything anywhere. Trying to follow keto, and l don’t smoke, so anything else you can recommend ?? Yes, l’ve tried them, but need to consume 10+, and still don’t get the desired effect, close to what alcohol does.

    1. Author

      It’s too high in carbs for Keto. Use capsules instead, you get higher dose and you don’t have to worry about carbs. Alcohol and cannabis are not the same, you’re not going to feel anything like you do with alcohol.

  2. I quite like these. It doesn’t take much for me; I eat 1/2 a gummy at a time and it’s just a nice pick-me-up that keeps me moving all day long. I can stay nice and focused if I’m trying to read.

  3. As a super light weight I found half of one of these gummies perfect for relaxing everything and yet I’m still able to clean the house and not to mention the relief from anxiety is incredible! Not a medical professional just my opinion as I’ve been diagnosed for years and out of the types of cannabis products I find gummies work best for me and they TrueType relax the mind.

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