Aurora Drift citrus shot

THC: 8.5-10mg per shot
Ingredients: Water, flavour concentrate (orange oil, lemon juice and orange peel oil powder, glycerin, citric acid, natural vanilla extract, erythritol, sodium benzoate, sucralose), D-alpha tocopherol 

What a great morning shot this would make, add it to a smoothie or juice, or even on it's own, it's delicious and refreshing. It's weird there's no grapefruit in the ingredients as it tasted like grapefruit with a hint of orange to me. I drank half because I felt 5mg would be enough for me but it was really hard to drink half because it was so tasty. You could even add this shot to some orange juice or sparkling water, maybe even a soda like Fresca. You could also prepare a nice pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice with some lemons and add this shot in to share with friends. There's some options with this great product, I wish it came in higher doses or a pack with lower doses but the laws in Canada only allow 10mg maximum per package.

I highly recommend this citrus shot by Aurora Drift if you're looking for something a little different that tastes healthy and can have some versatility in how you use it.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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