Linx Eden Dry herb vaporizer

The Linx Eden is a dry herb vaporizer that can accommodate extracts so you can vaporize concentrates and dry herb and the same time. 


  • Conduction heating
  • 20 seconds
  • 4 preset temps 360-428°F (190-220°C)
  • One button operation
  • 5 to 8 sessions
  • .25 g Quartz heating chamber
  • 2500 mah internal battery
  • Medical grade stainless steel

What's included 

-3 glass mouthpiece tubes
-Magnetic mouthpiece cap
-3 silicone mouthpiece caps
-3 Lava plates (for use with concentrates)
-Silicon sleeve
-4 filter screens
-Cleaning brush
-USB C charging cable

*1 year limited warranty

Davinci IQ2 buttons

What's good about the Linx Eden dry heb vaporizer

The Linx Eden is a simple, sleek vaporizer that’s easy to use and falls just under $100 so it’s inexpensive. It has a small quartz heating chamber which is good for those of you that like to microdose.

You can get this model in black, silver or gold and it comes with a magnetic cap to protect the glass tip.

It comes with 3 lava plates for using concentrates and dry herb. Like the Linx Gaia, the vents on the side plus the glass straw help to cool the vapor and give better flavour. I find it gives good flavour at lower temperatures for the first 2 or 3 draws. You can reheat the bowl twice depending on how hot you set the temperature, and how long your previous sessions were.

You don’t get precise temperature control however you get 4 preset temperatures: Blue: 360F / 182C 
Green: 380F / 193C 
Yellow: 400F / 204C 
Red: 428F / 220C 
+ boost mode

You turn on and off the vaporizer by pushing the button 5 times, you then cycle through the temperatures by pushing the button 3 times so it's a simple, straightforward unit to operate.

Davinince IQ2 batteryDavinince IQ2 battery


The unit does get hot because it doesn’t use any plastic materials to insulate the vaporizer however it comes with a silicone sleeve so it's more comfortable in your hand.

I find I get weak vapor at lower temperatures and I rarely use this unit, I prefer the Linx Gaia over this model. This is a nice portable vaporizer for the occasional user but I wouldn’t buy this unit for your daily driver. This would make a good backup vaporizer, I recommend the Linx Eden as a secondary vaporizer but not as your primary daily use vaporizer.

Overall it’s a decent dry herb vaporizer with the ability to use concentrates, for under $100 however if you're looking for an inexpensive dry herb vaporizer that you want to use more often, I recommend the Linx Gaia.

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