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The Davinci Miqro Explorers Collection has everything you need to get started with dry herb vaporizing. This vaporizer is ideal for microdosing or the occasional cannabis consumer. 


  • Conduction heating
  • Heat time 39 seconds
  • Smart paths (preset temperatures) and precise temperature control
  • Three button operation
  • 30 min. battery life
  • Adjustable oven size to 0.1 grams
  • 900 mah removeable battery

What's included 

- Accessory kit with extra parts and tools
- USB cable
-cleaning kit
-carrying case
-extra battery
-grinder coin
-carrying can
-extended mouthpiece


What's great about the Miqro

The Davinci Miqro is very compact, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is sleek in its design. What I like about the Davinci Miqro is it's the perfect vaporizer to take to a party, out for a walk or for anyone who only uses cannabis occasionally. This model comes with a 5 year warranty and removable/rechargeable batteries that can be easily replaced.

I can tell the Miqro was thoughtfully designed with the microdoser in mind, as it's truly made to be portable. With the Explorers Collection you get the sleeve which gives you a better grip on the vaporizer and also protects your hand from the hot unit. Vaporizers that are this small tend to get hot, not so hot that you can't hold it but enough that the glove makes it more comfortable. 

The vapor path runs the length of the unit as the oven is on the opposite side of the mouthpiece, the longer the vapor path, the cooler the vapor will be to inhale. The ceramic chamber is a snap to clean and there's an adjustable "pearl" which gives you ability to use only 0.1% of a gram for anyone who wants just a little bit of cannabis.

The temperature can be adjusted two ways, one is four preset "smart paths" which gradually increases in temperature during your session. The other is precise temperature control, you can switch to digitally entering in the temperature by clicking the control button and pushing the up and down buttons. There's also a boost mode that will heat the unit to it's maximum setting by holding down the control button, once you release the button the unit will shut off.


What's not so great about the Miqro

I find switching to the precise temperature mode and trying to adjust the temperatures a cumbersome experience, it only displays one number at a time making it difficult to enter in the temperature you want. While it just takes some getting used to, I prefer to use the smart paths as it's easier to control. The other thing I find frustrating about this model is the cloud, I find at higher temperatures you get enough vapor however at lower temperatures it can feel like you're inhaling nothing at all. Even at higher temperatures I find it's hit an miss with the vapor, I do feel the effects but it's makes it hard to know if you're getting enough when you can't see anything when you exhale. 

The other thing I find a little annoying is when you have on the extended mouthpiece- which I recommend as using it without makes it harder to take a draw, it's hard to load the cannabis. The chamber is on the opposite side so it won't sit flat on a surface, you can of course hold it in your hand or simply remove the mouthpiece when you're loading the cannabis.


I only use this Davinci Miqro occasionally, when I'm going to a party or on a walk and I need to be discreet, this is when the lack of vapor is a good thing as you don't attract attention to yourself and no one can tell what you're doing. It's a decent vaporizer for what it is however I don't recommend this model for daily use. It's priced well under $200 and with a good warranty, making it attractive for anyone who wants a discreet device for occasional use.

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