Davinci IQ2

The CFX+ Boundless offers great flavour and nice vapor quality


  • Hybrid heating
  • 60 to 80 minute battery life (6 to 8 sessions)
  • Precise temperature control 250°F-430°F (121-221°C)
  • Two button operation
  • Zirconia airpath
  • .3g Ceramic Oven
  • Heats up in less than 30 seconds
  • Doesn't accommodate concentrates
  • Internal battery

What's included 

1 Cleaning brush

1 Stir tool

1 USB-C cable

*3 year manufacturer warranty 90 days on the battery*

Davinci IQ2 buttons

What's great the CFX+ Boundless

The CFX+ dry herb vaporizer is a relatively simple vaporizer to use. It turns on by pushing the two buttons on the side simultaneously and again to access the menu.

What I like the most is the flavour and vapor quality. It's superior in this regard, I find I get good flavour for up to 4 or 5 draws depending on how high I've set the temperature. There's good vapor at lower temperatures as well. Sometimes the vapor quality can be hit or miss at lower temperatures for some models but the CFX plus has great vapor even at lower temperatures.

It's a bigger vaporizer making it less portable than other models however it has nice grip on the body so you don't feel like you'll drop the unit.


The mouthpiece has a zirconia vapor path that helps to cool the vapor down. I do find this adds to a smoother draw however at higher temperatures (over 400f) it can still be quite hot and harsh. Overall thought the vapor is fairly cool and flavourful.


You can choose between 4 preset paths and precise temperature control which is nice to have that option. You also get the stir tool attached in the mouthpiece so when you're taking this unit out, you have it close at hand which is a handy tool to have.

It comes with other features that you find on most vaporizers such as changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius, changing the brightness of the display and session duration.

Davinci IQ2 airflow controlDavinince IQ2 battery


I find the menu frustrating, it's clunky and difficult to use. Sometimes I can't even get it to go to the menu, it seems the buttons can stick making it difficult to bring up the menu. You hold both buttons down for a few seconds to turn on and off the vaporizer and you press both buttons at the same time again to access the menu. 

I don't use the menu myself, I leave it as it is however if you're someone who likes to customize your vaporizer, the menu is a definite drawback with this unit.

The other huge drawback is the internal battery with only a 90 day warranty. This makes it difficult for me to recommend as, -knock on wood- the battery doesn't fail after 90 days or you're out a vaporizer. It costs around $200 US which makes it a more affordable unit compared to other models with the same vapor quality and flavour however that's still a lot of money to spend with such a short warranty on such a crucial part of the vaporizer.


I really do like using the CFX+ as it's smooth, flavourful and has great vapor quality however with a finicky and difficult to use menu plus an internal battery with only a 90 day warranty, I can't recommend this unit. 

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