Utillian 620 is a different style of vaporizer in their line, it's more compact with a smaller heating chamber. You can add as little as .1 gram and up to .2 gram of dry flower. This model is meant to be a more discreet and portable vaporizer for microdosing. 


  • Convection heating
  • Heat time 40 seconds
  • Precise temperature control 160 – 220°C (320 – 428°F)
  • Three button operation
  • 60 min. battery life
  • Smaller chamber
  • 2300 mah battery

What's included

- Extra O rings and screens
- Air path cleaning brush
- Chamber cleaning brush
- USB cable

1 year warranty if purchased through Toronto Vaporizers


What's great about the Utillian 620

I own the Utillian 721 and I love the convection heating as it gives me the ability to reheat my bowl and the cannabis bakes more evenly. The downside of that vaporizer has been the preset temperatures which doesn't give you much flexibility in controlling what cannabinoids you release. What I love about the 620 is you can use a precise temperature and there's a great range from 160 - 220C (320 - 428F).

It also has a smaller chamber which means using less cannabis at a time. This is a good vaporizer to take with you on a walk, a party or anywhere you need to be more discreet. I don't mind the smaller chamber as I save on cannabis using less at a time, and find I don't refill the bowl any more than I did with the 721. However I've found you can only reheat it once, any more than that and it tastes awful. There's a metal tool built into the device, this is meant for removing the vapor path for easy cleaning, however you can use it as a stir stick if needed. It's a good idea to stir up your cannabis before reheating a bowl as you'll get better flavour.

Cleaning this vaporizer is a snap and I don't find I have to do it quite as often as I do with the 721. The pieces come off easily, the cap is magnetic and is easy to clean. There's a small screen inside a rubber cap that can be a bit tricky to get in and out to clean but it's not too bad. I find just a q-tip with isopropyl is enough and I never use the brushes however the brushes made it easier to get the stick resin off. 



I’ve been using the Utillian 620 for several months now and I'm a fan of the precise temperature control, easy cleaning and a slick design with a great LCD display. There's one flaw in the design for me and that's where the bowl is placed, it makes it awkward to fill and empty the vaporizer. Also be aware it's a short vapor path so it can be a bit harsh at higher temperatures. Otherwise if you're looking for a decent convection vaporizer on a budget, this one retails for around $160 and you can't beat the price.


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