Watch the video to see how the Utillian 721 works

Utillian 721 is a convection vaporizer that I like to call the connoisseurs vaporizer on a budget. This vaporizer comes in under $200 with all of the things we love about convection vaporizers which is; a smooth draw, even baking of the cannabis and better taste. That it can also do concetrates, it’s easy to see why the Utillian 721 won best vaporizer at O’cannabiz in 2019.


  • Convection heating
  • Wax or dry herb
  • 4 temperature presets
  • Boost each temperature by 5 degrees
  • One button operation
  • 60 min. battery life
  • Stainless steel heating chamber
  • 2300 mah battery

What's in the box

When you buy the Utillian 721 it comes with the following items:
- Extra O rings and screens
- Extra mouthpiece
- Wax cannister
- Tweezers
- Brush
- USB cable


What's great about the Utillian 721

What's great about this vaporizer is in the simplicity of it's design. There's not a lot of settings to fuss around with, only one button that works in a smart way: 5 clicks to turn the unit on and off, 2 clicks to change the temperature and simply hold the button for 5 seconds to enhance the temperature by 5 degrees.

The parts come on and off with ease making is simple to clean. The oven bakes the cannabis evenly so you don't have to stir the cannabis before you reheat it and because the oven works so well you can reheat the bowl one or two times depending on how hot the vaporizer was set to before and how long the session was.

Taste at the lower temperatures is quite nice however it loses flavour at the higher temperatures which is often the case with most vaporizers. 


The Utillian 721 doesn't have a replaceable battery, however you can get a 1 year warranty through Toronto Vaporizer.

Although part of the simplicity of the unit is with the preset temperatures, I find them a bit limiting. However you can boost each preset by 5 degrees.

The mouthpiece is a bit sharp on the edges, I don't mind that as much however Weed Papa really didn't like how the mouthpiece felt.

Temperature presets: (Each preset can be boosted by 5 degrees)
Green = 170c/338f Blue = 180c/356f  Purple = 190c/374f  Red = 210c/410f 


I’ve been using the Utillian 721 for over 4 months now and haven’t noticed any degradation of the parts. Often after several months of use problems pop up like the oven is heating too hot, you might start getting harsh draws and the battery needs to be recharged faster however this hasn’t been the case so far with this unit.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this vaporizer and how it looks and feels. The design is sleek and it feels nice in the hand, it's also quite portable and can easilly fit in your handbag. This has become my go-to vaporizer and I would recommend it for anyone who likes convection heating without the high price tag. Utillian has also released an updated version called the Utillian 722 and it's worth checking that unit out as well.

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