Psilocybin capsules by Osmosis

Strengths available:
25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 350mg
Products come with Golden Teacher's psilocybin with a combination of other non-psychoactive mushrooms

I bought a couple of bottles of Osmosis psilocybin last year to try for microdosing during the day. The products I bought was Rest & Relax and Focus blends.

Osmosis doesn't grow their own mushrooms however they source their mushroom from a small group of growers.

What I like about Osmosis is you can get a blend of other mushrooms that will help to enhance your experience. I also like that you can get CBD in their Rest and Relax blend. I also found them to have good customer support and usually get back to me fairly quickly.

Compared to other brands I found their product to feel less potent, I've taken up to 300mg of their psilocybin and got a light buzz which was good for the day however 300mg from another brand felt much stronger.

I recommend Osmosis if you're looking for a variety of blends, they have several to choose from. It's worth a try however like I said I found the dosing to feel less potent than other brands I've tried.

Osmosis also sells LSD and 4-ACO-DMT (tryptamine) which isn't something I feel inclined to try but they do offer more psychedelics other than psilocybin, if that's your thing.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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