Sandwich Cookies by Doppio

THC: 10mg (1 cookie)
Ingredients: Enriched flour, Sugars (sugar, icing sugar, molasses), Vegetable shortening (palm oil, canola oil), Water, Cocoa , Soy lecithin, Baking soda, Salt, Natural flavour, Ammonium bicarbonate.  Filling: Icing sugar, Vegetable shortening (palm oil, soybean oil, modified palm oil), Corn starch, Artificial flavour, Cannabis extract.  Contains: Wheat, Soy.   May contain: Milk, Egg, Sulphites.

Baked goods are a gamble with edibles as most of the time they taste stale and too much like cannabis. However the sandwich cookies by Doppio manage to make a good THC cookie.

While do you do taste a bit of cannabis oil at first, the aftertaste is more like an Oreo and the fudge one is like a Fudgeeo. I also didn't think they tasted stale, they managed to still be crunchy even though I had one that was packaged a month before I bought it.

One thing I do recommend with baked goods is to check the packaging date, if it's been a couple of months, definitely pass on it as they taste stale after that long.

My only complaint is that it's just one cookie, I'd prefer to see two 5 mg cookies as you get to eat two cookies and for me I can only eat half as 5mg is my dose.

Overall it's a good cookie, if you're looking for something other than a gummy, this is a nice treat that tastes pretty good.

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