Reign Drops CBD oil by Redecan

CBD: 450 mg per 30ml bottle
CO2 extraction process from a blend of flowers.
Carrier oil: MCT oil

What I love about this product is the price, it retails for around $20 a bottle, at the Village Bloomery in Vancouver it retails for $17.77 and you're likely not going to find a CBD oil priced better than this one. It's 15mg of CBD per ml, I take about 30mg a day. The oil is strong tasting, you'll definitely be getting the cannabis flavour however if you mix it in with a drink or some food, you won't notice. I simply squirt two droppers in my mouth as I don't mind the taste of cannabis. This is a great CBD oil to buy if you're on a budget but looking to try CBD as a supplement, this is also a good one to have on hand to take whenever you take THC as these two cannabinoids work beautifully together.

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