Irish Cream White Chocolate by Indiva

THC: 10 mg 
Ingredients: White chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), Cocoa butter, Natural flavour, Cannabis extract   Contains: Milk, Soy 

Another limited edition holiday exclusive is the Irish Cream White Chocolate by Indiva. I love all of these specialty white chocolates different brands are putting out, they're all so tasty!

This one is a nice treat with the taste of Irish cream, it has a bit of a nutty flavour to it as well. I also find chocolates aren't as strong, they tend to be milder in feel (for me at least).

My only criticism is that's it's one small chocolate and it would be nice to have it split up a bit if you don't want the whole 10mg. Otherwise if you're looking for a simple treat with a good buzz this holiday season, I recommend the Irish cream by Indiva, the cannabis stores say it's limited edition but the Indiva website doesn't market it as limited edition. It may only be available until Christmas so pick one up while you can!

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