CBG/THC 1:1 capsules by Indiva

THC: 7.5mg per capsule CBG: 7.5mg per capsule (30 capsules per bottle)
Carrier oil: MCT oil

Welcome to the world of minor cannabinoids. CBG is the OG cannabinoid in the cannabis plant as all other cannabinoids come from this one, it's also known as the mother cannabinoid.

CBG is similar to CBD as it doesn't get you high but it does help to ease anxiety and reduce the side effects of THC. However unlike CBD it doesn't make you feel drowsy, it's more alert so it's a good one to take during the day.

I've tried CBG a few times now and I find it's more of a buzzy, alert feel and in these capsules by Indiva I found they made my head feel fuzzy, like my brain was wrapped in a cozy blanket so it may offer some relief for headaches and migraines if that's what you're looking for.

I like that these capsules are 7.5mg as that's my perfect dose however everyone is different. If these capsules aren't dosed right for you, look for an oil equivalent as that will have more flexibility in dosing. Currently this brand doesn't make a tincture version however there's other brands offering CBG in tincture form.

Overall these capsules are a great way to try CBG with your THC, especially if you are looking for something that will keep you alert during the day.

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