Aurora Drift Peach Serene CBD chews

CBD: 10mg per chew x5 (50mg total) THC: 2.8mg per package (5 chews)
Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid, MCT oil, release and glazing agent (vegetable oil, carnauba wax), naturall and artificial flavour, artificial colour 

I reviewed the Aurora Drift raspberry gummies and have since avoided their products because of the packaging. The jar it comes in leaves a plastic taste to the gummies which is unpleasant. However these gummies were better, they weren't bad tasting, they taste like a kids peach gummy. I don't like the artificial ingredients however there's 50mg of CBD in total which is nice. They're pricey, it's about $12 per package, an expensive way to get your CBD. Also there's a bit of THC so if you're eating several, you're going to get a bit of THC in there.

Overall they're a decent chew however the cost and the ingredients are a bit of a turn off for me. It's better to find a CBD oil you like and put it in your smoothie or simply take it straight. However if you're looking to try CBD to see how it works for you, this is a good product to try. Keep in mind CBD is better taken daily as it builds up in your system and works better that way, rather than trying it one time only.

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. The Aurora Drift peach serene gummies worked for the first 2o days & now, it’s like I have to take two, to make the pain go away. THC 0.5mg is not a problem! no, it’s the hidden sugar, that should be on the label. Since I’m diabetic & don’t like my blood sugar higher then normal. The CBD with 10 mg, could be a little higher & only 5 gummies in the container, with a price of $11.95, should be 10 gummies X $2.00 a piece in a jar and no THC please.

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