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Davinci IQ2Davinci IQ2 tools

The Davinci IQ2 is feature packed and is the perfect dry herb vaporizer for the occasional user, the microdoser or daily users including medical cannabis patients. 


  • Conduction heating
  • Less than a minute
  • Smart paths (preset temperatures) and precise temperature control
  • Three button operation
  • 60 min. battery life
  • .5g Ceramic Oven, 0.2g Dosage Pod
  • 18650 removeable battery
  • Adjustable airflow

What's included 

-10mm Bubbler Adapter
-0.2g Dosage Pod
-9 Pieces Organic Cottons
-1 Ceramic Extract Tab
-USB Charging Cable
-Pick Tool
-9 Alcohol Wipes

*10 year warranty*

Davinci IQ2 buttons

What's great about the Davinci IQ2

Davinci vaporizers are feature packed. This one has so many features that it’s really the perfect portable vaporizer for either the part time users or daily users.

It has a big glass lined, ceramic bowl that holds up to half a gram of packed cannabis, or you can use less by adjusting the pearl. It also comes with a dosage pod for microdosing small amounts of cannabis. You can also vaporize extracts with the Davinci IQ2.

My three favourite things about the Davinci IQ2 are the airflow control, ceramic bowl and precision temperature.

Ceramic glass-lined oven
The glass lined ceramic bowl is a snap to clean. Even though it’s a conduction vaporizer, the cannabis bakes similar to a convection vaporizer. There’s an even brown colour after a session with no charred bits from where the flower touches the oven. This also keeps the vapor cooler and helps give better flavour. 

Adjustable airflow 
My second favourite thing about the Davinci IQ2 is the airflow control. This allows you to adjust the resistance of the draw to your liking. Decreasing the airflow allows for more dense vapor and increasing the airflow allows for cooler vapor.

Davinci IQ2 airflow controlDavinince IQ2 battery

Precision temperature control
I like the ability to choose a precise temperature. This allows me to customize my experience depending on the cultivar and the terpenes present, visit the dry herb vaporizing guide to see boiling points for each terpene and cannabinoids. You can easily switch between smart paths and precision temperature by pushing the button once.

Smart Paths
I rarely use this mode as I prefer to put in the temperature I want however you can choose between 4 different smart paths, if you prefer. The smart paths start at one temperature and gradually increase over 8 minutes to an end temperature.
The smart paths are:
1. Flavour: start 350f/176c end 370f/188c
2. Mind: start 370f/188c end 390f/199c
3. Body: start 390f/199c end 410f/210c
4. Rest: start 410f/210c end 430f/221c

Boost mode
Use boost mode to quickly increase the temperature to 430f/210c, this is a nice feature for finishing off a bowl.

Standby mode
This will cool down you’re the IQ2, conserving the flower and battery life. It will automatically shut off after 2 minutes.

Stealth mode
This lets you adjust the brightness of the LED display if you need to be more discreet.

Other settings
You can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, check battery life (the device will buzz twice with the batter is low). You can also use other features to check the dosage, start a new session and check THC and CBD potency. The device doesn’t detect dosage or amounts; you enter the amount of THC and CBD into the device.

You can also enter the amount of herb loaded or extracts. I’ve honestly never used these features however if you’re a medical patient and you’re tracking your use, this can be helpful.

The app
If you want to use the app, you’ll need to make sure to turn on the Bluetooth on the device. If you’re having trouble connecting your device to the app, it’s because the IQ2 needs to have it’s Bluetooth activated.

The app allows you to set the IQ2 without using the control buttons. It’s much easier to use, gives you the current temperature of the device and if you set the amount of THC and CBD, it will let you know how much you consumed after each session.



One thing I find frustrating about the Davinci IQ2 is where you load the cannabis. It’s awkwardly placed making it difficult to load and tricky to clean. However I must say that cleaning this device is a snap, I’m terrible about regularly cleaning it so it gets pretty caked on with old cannabis, it takes no time to clean it.

Because of the placement of the bowl and the pearl, it makes it tricky to get the cannabis out of those bits. It would be helpful to find a tool, like a small funnel to load the Davinci IQ2 as it's easy to spill your cannabis trying to load this device.

The other thing that is not a big deal really but it may be for some of you, and that it’s a bit slower to heat up than other devices. It takes about a minute.


As I mentioned before, I love the ceramic bowl, adjustable air flow and temperature control. I also find this device to be solid, I accidently dropped it onto cement and it didn’t even dent. It’s sleek, easy to clean and tries hard to please you with so many features. You don’t have to use all of the features if that overwhelms you (as it can me) I just load the device, turn it on, adjust the temperature and that’s it.

They also made the vapor path run the length of the device so that keeps it cooler. To clean the vapor path you use the stick tool that's tucked beside the battery and use it to remove the vapor path to clean. You can also use the stick tool to pack down your herb and stir the bowl between each session.

I use the bubble adapter as the mouthpiece as I prefer the straw and recommend doing that for a better draw. The bubbler adapter will hold any water tool with a 10mm female, which is a great added bonus as bubblers really help to cool the vapor and give you better flavour.

The batteries can be removed to charge separately if you don’t want to wait for it to charge. The fact that the batteries can be so easily replaced makes this unit more long lasting, including the limited 10 year warranty which shows that this device was made to last.

I’ve found the flavour to be pretty good, especially at lower temperatures. The vapor is fairly cool and the construction is top notch. I definitely recommend this unit for anyone who wants a discreet, versatile dry herb vaporizer that’s sleek and feature rich.

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