Mood Ring high CBD capsules

CBD: 30mg per capsule
30 capsules
Extraction - cold ethanol
Carrier oil: Extra virgin olive oil

I've been taking the Mood Ring high CBD capsules daily because they're priced lower than other brands on the market, that have this much CBD per capsule. Each capsule has 30mg of CBD and there's 30 capsules in each bottle. I take 1 daily in the morning plus I'll take another THC and CBD product in the evening. This is a good product for anyone looking for a reasonably priced CBD oil and I recommend the capsules. This product also comes in a tincture as well, which is better for getting a more customized dose however you have to swallow the oil. You can put it in food or a smoothie but I find popping a pill is simple and ensures you're getting the whole dose.

If you're looking to try a CBD product and aren't sure what to pick, I highly recommend Mood Ring high CBD oil for the higher dose per capsule and reasonable price which is around $45 per bottle. Bonus (according to their website) with every purchase they plant a tree through the organization One Tree Planted.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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