Go Slumber 5:1 CBN shot by Field Trip

CBN: 5mg THC: 1mg
Ingredients: Water, Sugars (honey, sugar), Lemon juice, Lavender, Chamomile, Cannabis emulsion (water; coconut oil, tocopherol, soy lecithin, sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, cannabis), Colour, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate. Contains: Soy

Finally we're getting a broader spectrum of cannabinoids on the market, Go Slumber by Field Trip offers CBN, the cannabinoid that's supposed to help with sleep. I think it's important to mention, there isn't much science that CBN helps with sleep. CBN is the cannabinoid that THC turns into when it ages. Old cannabis tends to make you more sleepy however this may be due to other factors such as the terpenes in the cultivar.

I drank this about an hour before I wanted to go to sleep. I've been going to sleep too late and wanted to try going to sleep earlier and so I tested this product to see if it helped. About an hour after taking this shot I did feel sleepy, like I took a mild sedative. I also felt a bit buzzy too, like it did have some psychoactive effect. CBN is said to be non-intoxicating, I didn't feel high like I do on THC but there was definitely a buzz, just mild.

The taste wasn't good. It tasted medicinal with a sweet aftertaste. It wasn't terrible either, it might be worth mixing it with another drink, if the taste is unpleasant for you.

Overall this is worth a try if you're looking for something to help you sleep. I noticed that I felt more refreshed in the morning, getting an extra hour certainly helped but also it felt like I had slept deeper. 


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