Fudge Double Stuff Cookie by Indiva Life

THC: 10mg x 1 cookie
Ingredients: Enriched flour, Sugars (sugar, icing sugar, molasses), Vegetable shortening (palm oil, canola oil), Water, Cocoa, Soy lecithin, Baking soda, Salt, Natural flavour, Ammonium bicarbonate. Filling: Icing sugar, Vegetable shortening (palm oil, soybean oil, modified palm oil), Cocoa, Corn starch, Natural flavour, Cannabis extract, Artificial flavour, Sea salt, Potassium carbonate. Contains: Wheat, Soy. May contain: Milk, Egg, Sulphites.

I was excited to try this cookie by Indiva Life (especially as I’ve been on the keto diet for 6 months and I’m jonesing for a cookie) however it’s not what I was hoping for.

The problem with this cookie is it has a cannabis oil taste which ruins the cookie experience for me. That being said, I’ve heard from others who really liked the cookie so this is my own personal opinion however if you don’t like the cannabis taste, be warned.

Besides that it’s one cookie per package and has 10mg of THC. I would rather have mini cookies dosed lower as it’s hard to just eat half of a cookie if you want a lower dose. *Note if you need a much higher dose to feel cannabis I recommend using oils and sprays and not buying edibles with a 10mg limit of THC

Overall it’s not terrible, I didn’t find it gross so it’s worth a try if you love cookies. The Indiva life cookies come in Fudge Double Stuff or Vanilla.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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