CBN Bedtime Blueberry Lemon by Monjour Bare

THC: 2.5mg x 4  (10mg per package)
CBD: 20mg x 4 (80mg per package)
CBN: 7.5 mg x 4 (30mg per package)
Ingredients: Maltitol syrup, Water, Gelatin, Modified coconut oil, Cannabis extract, Anthocyanins (colour), Citric acid, Malic acid, Natural flavour, Sunflower lecithin, Carnauba wax, Alpha-tocopherol.

CBN bedtime gummies by Monjour Bare have the highest amount of CBN and CBD in a gummy that I've seen on the market so far. Both CBD and CBN can help with sleep. 

While there's limited science on CBN however there's plenty of anecdotal evidence from people saying CBN helps them sleep. CBD also has some science showing it may help with sleep as it helps to relax you. With all cannabinoids the dose it what matters and getting to try such a high amount helped me see just how these cannabinoids work together.

I took 3 gummies at first and then an hour later I took the last one. I was worried that 10mg of THC might be too high of a dose but it actually wasn't. The CBD was high enough that it toned down the THC. 

I found these gummies incredibly relaxing, the most relaxing edible I've tried so far and they definitely helped me sleep.

The downside is the gummies taste and texture. I wasn't a fan of either, I found it tasted a bit bitter, while it's free from a sugar coating it needed something to lesson the bitterness. They're a chewy gummy but not too much. Overall they aren't terrible but just not as tasty as other edibles I've tried.

I do highly recommend CBN Bedtime by Monjour Bare for sleep as they feel clean and they felt calming and peaceful (at least for me, results will vary).

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. Thank you. Nice review. This edibles is available at my local cannabis store. Thinking of trying it. Been searching high and low for a cannabis item to help me fall asleep. Burning through hundreds of dollars and still no luck. Have you any success with other products? Or is CBN Bedtime Blueberry Lemon your preference for shut eye?

  2. I agree 100% with your description. I’m in love with these gummies (other than the taste). Made me feel so relaxed and comfy.

  3. I’m just reading your reviews. My husband just tried Bedtime Blueberry Lemon. This is the first time he has tried any of these products. He was hesitant about having a whole gummy so he tried a half which did pretty much nothing for his sleep. He is really deprived and needs something to help. His big issue is waking up thinking he will have a “gummy hangover” and feel groggy the next day. Can you please recommend what he can try specifically for sleep and how much a dose as a beginner.

    1. Author

      I have beginner guides under the learn menu tab. Also blog articles including sleep, just pick the category

  4. Yes, I saw the dummies you recommended but it didn’t say they were specifically for sleep. At least not the ones I was looking at.

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