Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN:CBD:THC Pearls

THC: 2mg each (x5) CBN: 2mg each (x5) CBD: 2mg each (x5)
Ingredients: Sugars (glucose syrup, sugar), Water, Gelatin (pork), Citric acid, Natural flavour, Malic acid, Modified coconut oil medium chain triglycerides, Cannabis extract, Brilliant blue FCF (colour).

Grön is an American brand that's now available in Canada. Danielle Simone Brand listed this product as one of her favourites in an article for Weed Mama: Beyond THC & CBD: Minor & Alternative Cannabinoid Product Reviews and I have to agree, I love this brand.

I've bought this product a few times because it helps me sleep a little longer than other edibles. I'm not a fan of the artifical colour, it's also not vegan friendly.

CBN is a minor cannabinoid that's starting to show up in more and more products. CBN is thought you make you feel more drowsy, CBN is the cannabinoid that comes from when THC ages and breaks down.

I like the flavour of the blackberry lemonade but what I love most is the price. These retail for around $4 a container and I buy a few of them as I like to take them a couple of nights a week for sleep. I highly recommend giving Pearls by Grön a try.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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