Mini Doughnut & Key Lime Pie by Canna Squarz

THC: 10mg
Ingredients: Sugar, Palm kernel oil, Palm oil, Whey, Skim milk, Titanium dioxide, Hydrogenated palm kernel oil (soya lecithin), Sunflower lecithin, Vanilla powder (vanilla, sugar), Natural flavours, Cannabis extract. Contains: Milk, Soy. May contain: Almonds, Peanuts. 
4 grams of sugar and 40 calories

Welcome to my new favourite edible brand Canna Squarz.

How much do I love the mini doughnut flavour, let me count the ways! It smells and tastes just like the mini doughnuts you get at the fair in a vanilla chocolate. I LOVE the mini doughnuts I get at the PNE in Vancouver and this edible reminds me of them. It even has a wonderful aftertaste of mini doughnuts.

The other flavour I tried was Key Lime Pie and again, it tasted just like a key lime pie in a chocolate. Really tasty edibles and I highly recommend either flavour as they're both so good.

They claim to have a proprietary extraction process that makes it full spectrum, what I noticed was there was zero cannabis taste and no bitterness you can find in some edibles.

I love this brand, and there's other flavours to choose from including Vanilla Latte, Root Beer Float, Orange Dreamsicle and more. I highly recommend you pick up this edible for something a little different.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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