Weed Mama teamed up with Kass, a unicorn from a mom group (they do exist!) to bring you The Mom Buds, a fun show where we chat about cannabis products, mom life, wellness and sometimes we do crafts "Puff Puff Craft" anyone?

What's new

Our new series Feeling Proper: a series on weed & wellness has launched!

This first installment is Yoga & Mindfulness with Carly-Rae Cooke of Ordinarilyhonest.com. This three part series talks about using cannabis with your yoga practice, what's better CBD or THC and at the end of each episode is a simple stretch or breathing exercise to help you feel proper.

There's a giveaway!

Watch each episode to get the codewords, there's 3 in total and you could win a Google Mini and the book "Little Book of Cannabis" by Amanda Siebert.

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