The Arizer Air 2 is a dry herb vaporizer with conduction heating that's perfect for the connoisseur of terpenes. The glass stem attachments give superior taste that's unmatched by any other vaporizer, including the Solo 2. We've tried many vaporizers over the years and keep coming back to this one for it's great flavour and cooler vapor.


What's great about the Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Air and the Arizer Air 2 are both good quality, dry herb vaporizers however the Arizer Air 2 has precise temperature control, which means you can customize what cannabinoids and terpenes you release.

One drawback with this model is it takes a bit longer than other vaporizers to heat up. However the taste is by far the best with the Arizer Air 2, especially with the longer bent stem attachment or the bubbler (seen below). I don't recommend using the small glass stem it comes with and opting for one the longer ones that are sold separately. A longer vapor path, especially if it's glass or ceramic will cool the vapor and give you better flavour.

The other great thing about the Arizer Air 2 is the batteries are removeable and can be easily replaced and recharged. You can have one charging while using another one, this means your vaporizer will last a long time. We've had our original Air for about four years and we've had the Air 2 for three years and the Air 2 is the one my husband uses the most, even though he owns the Crafty Plus.


The bowl is small however you can get two sessions out of each bowl, especially on lower temperatures.


The bent stem attachment you can buy separately for around $15 and it's worth it as it cools the vapor and gives you the best taste.


  • Conduction heating
  • Digital temperature range 50c/122f - 220c/428f
  • LCD menu that can be customized
  • Heat up time 70-90 seconds
  • Battery life 1.25 hours
  • Good cloud and taste
  • 14mm opening in both the Arizer Air and the Solo 2 means glass stems are interchangeable


The Arizer Air 2 comes with a 2 year warranty.

Accessories included with purchase:

  • 1 Battery
  • 1 USB Charger/Power Adapter
  • 1 Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)
  • 1 Tipped Glass Aroma Tube (70mm)
  • 1 Glass Aroma Dish
  • 2 Silicone Stem Caps
  • 2 PVC Travel Tubes w/Cap (70mm Size)
  • 1 PVC Travel Tube w/Cap (Aroma Dish Size)
  • 1 Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 1 Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 4 Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • 1 Sample Aromatic Botanicals (FYI you can mix these botanicals with cannabis for flavour)

Another attachment you can buy is a bubbler. This one is called the f-bomb from

The best dry herb vaporizer for the price

I'm constantly asked what's the best vaporizer to buy and I always recommend this one. That's because it has a bit of everything people need and I know it will last a long time. You get the superior flavour of the terpenes from the glass stems, a reliable battery that's easily replaced, it's small and fits in your hand nicely. It's not that portable because of the glass stem but it's a great around the house vaporizer.

I do find that turning on and off this unit is frustrating as you have to hold two buttons down at the same time, this might be a challenge for some people however you do get used to it after a few times. Otherwise this is the best dry herb vaporizer you can buy for your money and if you want to know what I recommend for a good solid vaporizer, the Arizer Air 2 is it.


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