Ripple fast-acting blood orange gummies by TGOD

THC: 2x 5mg gummies (10mg)
THC Hybrid
Ingredients: Sugars (sugar/glucose, concentrated apple, and pear juice), Modifed corn starch, Gelatin, Modifed coconut oil, Cannabinoid extracts, Natural flavour, Malic acid, Citric acid, Carnauba wax, Brilliant orange colour

Ripple by TGOD (The Green Organic Dutchmen) has a few products on the market that are fast-acting (5-15 min onset and 1 hour duration)  fast-acting means they use nano emulsion technology. That's about the only good thing I can say about these gummies as they tasted like an orange flavour vitamin gummy, not the greatest flavour. However they're the only ones (currently) on the market that are fast-acting. Basically the feel of these is similar to inhaling cannabis. It's not as strong either so 10mg of THC will feel closer to 5mg, it's basically THC lite.

If you're interested in fast acting edibles, I recommend the Ripple dissolvable powder also by TGOD, as this powder can be added to food or drinks.

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