Ripple TGOD Infusers: Dissolvable THC powder

THC: 10mg per packet or 2x 5mg packets.
THC blend
Ingredients: Sorbitol, Modified corn starch, Organic modified coconut oil, Organic cannabis oil.

Ripple by TGOD (The Green Organic Dutchmen) dissolvable powder can be added to any food or drink and advertises as flavourless. I wouldn't say it's flavourless, I found it to be a bit tart and had a cannabis taste but it wasn't strong tasting. It also advertises as fast-acting (15 min onset)  fast-acting means they use nano emulsion technology

I added this powder to a bit of gingerale and it was really tasty! It went well with the gingerale, boosting the taste, I enjoyed it. I've also added it to plain water and it had a mild cannabis taste. I found it felt just like vaporizing cannabis, it's less intense than edibles as it doesn't go through your liver. I felt it after about 10 minutes and I'd say it lasted about an hour, peaking at about 30 minutes or so. This is a good product if you're someone who needs a higher dose of THC (If you buy the 10mg packet) however it's around $7 a packet so the price is a bit high for one dose. I recommend TGOD infusers for "high" tea with friends or iced tea this summer, with it being fast acting you don't have to wait up to 2 hours to feel it, making it a better choice for social gatherings.

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