cbd coffee creamer

CBD Coffee Creamer by Okanagan

CBD: 50mg per packet (10 packets total)
Ingredients: Powdered Milk, CBD Isolate

If you've been following along with my blog content, you'll notice I tend to dislike CBD products like this because I find it's too expensive and not a great way to get your CBD, as CBD should be taken daily like a supplement.

That being said, this CBD coffee creamer by Okanagan is great! It dissolves easily and it adds the perfect amount of cream to your coffee. I was worried it would be like Coffee-Mate as I'm not a fan of that product however I found this powdered creamer to be smooth and taste just like a bit of milk or cream in your beverage.

You can add this to any beverage you like, I find it perfect in my morning coffee. It's a good alternative for anyone who isn't able to tolerate CBD oils, this blends into your drink nicely.

The downside is the price, it costs around $25 for 10 packets. Which is $2.50 per day and that will add up fast when you can buy Frank CBD capsules with the same amount of CBD- 50mg per capsules, for around $25 for a bottle of 30 capsules. This coffee creamer will cost you around $75+ per month if you take it daily.

However it's a good way to mix up your methods, especially if oils tend to upset your stomach or you simply don't like taking them. Even though it's a bit pricey, I do recommend giving the CBD coffee creamer by Okanagan a try for a lovely way to enhance your morning coffee or tea.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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