Acai Rasberry Psilocybin Drink by Blinding Lights

Psilocybin: 500mg (fast-acting)
Ingredients: Açai berry powder, sugar, citric acid, raspberry tea and high quality psilocybin mushrooms.
Can be refrigerated for 3 days after opening 
Shake before drinking.

Psilocybin drinks are fast-acting, that means that after consuming you can expect to feel the effects after about 15 to 30 minutes. I absolutely love that this is available as psilocybin can be a long haul, and sometimes you don't have time to be high for 6 plus hours.

Unfortunately the drink itself was awful tasting. It had a strong mushroom flavour that the raspberry flavour was trying desperately to compete with, and I couldn't finish the drink. You do need to shake the drink which I discovered after drinking half of it, the flavours were better blended after that but it still wasn't good.

The upside is how fast it worked, I felt the rush (that's when an edible kicks in) about 30 minutes after consuming. I probably had about 400mg and it was strong! Way stronger than I expected as most fast-acting drinks are a bit lighter however this packed a punch. It was really pleasant after the initial rush which did trigger my anxiety (be aware if you have anxiety issues, this may trigger it).

The whole experience lasted about 3 hours, a welcome change from the traditional mushroom experience which usually peaks at 3 hours. There's other fast-acting drinks on the mushroom market I will try as the effects were so great.

I highly recommend psilocybin beverages, you can find more flavours on their website at The Magic Social Club.

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