North Star CBD by AltaVie

THC: 0.5% CBD: 13.5% to 16%
Taste & aroma: citrus and floral
Effects: Relaxation, mild sleep aid, anti-anxiety
Vaporize at 356F for taste, high temperature 375F + for deeper relaxation.

The North Star CBD I bought was old, 8 months old to be exact, so I got it at a discount. I usually don’t buy any dried flower that’s older than a few months however I really wanted a CBD only cultivar, and this is what they had. I was pleasantly surprised that despite being so old, the quality was still quite good. The terpenes were still there and the taste was almost like unsweetened herbal iced tea. It wasn’t even that dry, which was surprising considering how long it had stayed inside the package.

I really enjoy this cultivar when I’m feeling anxious but I don’t want THC. It’s also a great one to use when eating edibles, this will help take away any of the unpleasant side effects. You can also add this to other THC cultivars to weaken the effect of the THC. 

It’s a good idea to keep a CBD cultivar on hand because of how well CBD and THC work together, using this in conjunction with other THC products will help bring out the effects of the CBD, and reduce some of the side effects of THC. North Star CBD by AltaVie is a great one to add to your stash.

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