Blue Dream by Top Leaf

THC: 20 - 25%
Sativa hybrid
Terpene profile: Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Guaiol

Top Leaf was a beloved legacy, craft cannabis brand who has since made the leap to the legal market. Their expertise shows in this really lovely Blue Dream. I've been on the search for a good Blue Dream as it's one of my favourite cultivars. The best I've ever had was from Village Bloomery in Vancouver several years ago, the terpenes were incredible and it tasted and smelled just like blueberries. This one by Top Leaf is getting close to that wonder cultivar I had before. It has lovely blueberry notes with lavender and a little citrus. It's nice in the vaporizer set to 356f/180c for maximum flavour. The jar I had was already almost six months old so it was dry and had lost some of the terpenes. Even still, it had great flavour and it was strong!

I highly recommend this Blue Dream but look for better packaging dates, the closer to the packaging date the danker your flowers will be.

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