Tweed Bakerstreet & Peppermint Chocolate

THC: 2.5mg per piece x4 (10mg in total)
Ingredients: Natural flavour, cacao beans, organic cane sugar, milk powder, organic cocoa butter, cannabis distillate. Allergens: Contains milk. May contain tree nuts and peanuts.

This is a nice tasting chocolate by Tweed using their Bakerstreet strain. The peppermint isn't overwhelming and it's a nice, light chocolate. It's a good one for those of you who are new to cannabis trying edibles for the first time as it's tasty but also 2.5 mg for one piece is a good starter dose.

What I really appreciate is each chocolate piece is labelled with the amount of THC in the chocolate. I wish all edibles did this as it makes it less likely for mistake to happen, this is clearly labelled as an edible. I really enjoyed this chocolate by Tweed and because it's from an indica cultivar, you might find it a good one to help you sleep.

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