THC quick strips by Being

THC: 10mg per strip x 10 strips
THC Hybrid
Directions: place the strip under your tongue or press against the inside of your cheek until it dissolves.

I love that we're getting more variety of cannabis products on the market, especially fast acting. Fast acting means the onset is around 5-15 min. and the duration is around an hour. Here's what the company says about the product:
"Being Fast Acting Oral THC QuickStrip™ is a smoke-free cannabis alternative that delivers more cannabinoids per equivalent dose, faster, than other non-combustible formats. Each QuickStrip delivers cannabinoids rapidly by micronizing cannabis oils and suspending them evenly in a thin film. And when dissolved under the tongue each THC QuickStrip delivers its cannabinoids with greater impact than edibles, oils or capsules containing similar amounts of THC because it bypasses the digestive system. Being strips can easily be torn into smaller segments for micro-dosing. Sold in pouches of 10 strips (10 mg THC ea), with each strip hermetically sealed in individual wrappers for perfect portability. Being strips are nut-free, and contain no animal products. Naturally flavoured with peppermint oil."

Honestly, not a fan of this product and I wouldn't buy it again. For one it's expensive, it's around $50 for 10 strips, that's about $5 a strip, most edibles are in this price range so it's not wildly expensive however they don't give you the option of just buying one to see if you like it. For me the taste is the worst, it's straight up peppermint with no sweetness whatsoever. It's a powerful hit of peppermint that's clinical tasting, way too strong for me and gross without any sweetness.

What's good about it is that it dissolves very quickly, almost instantly so you get the dose fast. Fast-acting edibles aren't as strong as normal edibles, it's basically THC lite. I barely felt the 10mg and that's usually a strong dose for me, it felt more like 5mg so keep that in mind if you're using these strips.

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. I tried it yesterday.
    I didn’t pay anywhere near $50 for mine though. I believe it was $32 CAD.
    It does work fast though. I don’t like the taste, but I didn’t have any water to drink when I took it while on a walk. The minty taste gets a little bitter when the residue stays in the mouth for 10-20 minutes. Once I had a drink, all was well.
    I’ll definitely buy it again because, vaping hurts my lungs and I just don’t like the smell of burning marijuana. To me it just smells like poverty. So strips work for me.

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