Sync 15 chocolate mint and linalool by Emerald Health Therapeutics

CBD: 14 - 17 mg/ml THC: 0 - 2 mg/ml
Made from a blend of flowers
Carrier oil: MCT oil (coconut derived)

This is my first time trying a flavoured CBD oil and I have to say, I like this one. It's a mild mint flavour with a hint of chocolate and it's not bad. It's still oil so it has that taste but the flavour covers it up nicely. I take two droppers full in the morning, around 30mg and I don't mind swallowing the oil straight from the dropper. However this would be perfect in a chocolate smoothie or hot chocolate. This oil has the terpene linalool added, linalool is also derived from lavender, so it has a little extra calming effect. Personally I'd need a much higher dose to really feel the calming effect, however taking CBD oil daily is ideal as it will build up in your system over time.

Overall this is a nice CBD oil and worth a try if you are looking for a cannabis oil without that strong cannabis flavour.

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