Strawberry Peach chew by Sugarleaf

THC: 4x 2.5mg gummies (10mg)
Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, glucose, strawberry concentrate), Water, Pectin, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Natural peach flavour, MCT oil, Cannabis distillate, Sunset yellow FCF. 

I like this simple soft chew by Sugarleaf it has a nice, natural flavour, sweet but not too sweet and also a little sour. It's sticky and dissolves easily which is something I prefer. It felt good and I would recommend this chew.

It would be nice if there was also CBD in their chew however it's still worth a try. If you're currently standing in the store right now, trying to decide whether or not to buy this edible and came across this review, I say go for it. It's a tasty chew and worth trying if you like these flavours, especially strawberry as that's the dominant flavour.

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