Foray Peach Mango Chews

THC: 5mg per piece CBD: 5mg per piece x 2 per package (10mg THC and CBD)
Extraction process: CO2
Ingredients: Sugars (Sucrose, Glucose), Water, Glycerin, Pectin, Natural Flavour, Citric Acid, Cannabis Distillate, Malic Acid, Natural Colour, Sunflower Lecithin, Medium Chain Triglycerides.

I'm a big fan of Foray in general, these chews weren't my favourite however they're still a nice gummy,  a bit sour and not very sweet, definitely more of an adult taste. If you prefer a chew that's more like a candy, this one probably won't taste great to you. 

What I do like about this chew is that it's a 1:1 with CBD, it's not a lot of CBD only 5mg per chew, I'd like to see a 2:1 however still it's good to take even small amounts of CBD with THC as the two work beautifully together, CBD helps to reduce some of the side effects of THC. Overall a decent chew for those of you that like more sour tasting candies.

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