White Rabbit OG - Craft Pate De Fruits

(Pictured is the Blueberry flavour, all flavours are the same size)
THC: 2.5mg per piece (x4)

This edible comes in three flavours; Craft Blueberry Pate De Fruits, Craft Peach Pate De Fruits and Craft Blackberry Lemonade. This edible says it uses "Eat Me Technology" basically it uses nanoemulsions so this chew will be fast acting. Meaning it will kick in after about 10 minutes or so and last about an hour. 

I had the blueberry and peach flavours, they were a decent chew, not too sweet but not bitter either. It had a real fruit flavour taste and that's because it's advertised as having real fruit in the ingredients. Each chew is hand crafted and small batch, it's a nice edible for those of you that like gummies with the added bonus of being fast acting.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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