Sync 25 CBD oil by Emerald Health Therapeutics

CBD: 23 - 26 mg/ml THC: 0.5 - 2.5 mg/ml
Derived from the cultivar Island Mist (sativa)
Carrier oil: MCT oil (coconut)

Emerald Health Therapeutics is a brand I really like, I've worked for them before and find their approach is good, they're about quality. I've tried both the Sync 50 and Sync 25, the only difference is the Sync 50 is 50mg per ml so you're getting a much higher dose. The downside is they're costly. The Sync 25 is around $100 and the Sync 50 $150 which will put it out of reach for many consumers. I also don't like the taste, it has a very strong cannabis flavour so this oil needs to be mixed with food, I just take it straight from the dropper as I don't mind the taste.

This oil uses a pharmaceutical-grade MCT carrier oil and is overall a good quality oil. Especially the Sync 50 as having a highly concentrated dose is good for those of you seeking to use CBD oil for anxiety or pain. 

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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