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Weed Mama is (slowly) getting a facelift, find out what’s in store…

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September is just around the corner, while those of you who are happy it’s almost summer and don’t want to be reminded of fall, thank you very much! I have a good reason, it’s when my son starts school full-time and I can finally put more hours into Weed Mama. I have big plans and big things going on behind the scenes. I’ll be doing an overhaul of the website, it’s time to update the …

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Ladies, it’s time to embrace aging (with the help of cannabis!)

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I’ll be the first one to admit getting old sucks the big, hairy, droopy flat ass. I look in the mirror now and watch as every year my youth fades and the old lady in me starts to emerge. My neck is looking like a twisted tube sock when I turn my head, my nipples just disappear when I lean forward. My hands are getting spots and creping skin is happening everywhere. I’ve got lines …

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Ready to try cannabis? Read this beginner’s guide to getting elevated with THC

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Have you been sitting on the fence about trying cannabis? Some people I know are interested but aren’t quite ready to take the leap to give cannabis a try. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, what to do, how to try it. It’s really not that complicated and please don’t let it intimidate you!  It may take some experimenting until you find the right strain, dose and method for you but once you …

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3 ways cannabis can help you with anxiety and stress

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Anxiety manifests itself in many ways for me, for example I tend towards foot in mouth syndrome. I frequently feel like crawling under a rock for some dumb thing I blurted out! However I’m also an open book. Because I’m so open it gives permission for others to be open with me as well. It’s how I know all moms struggle with anxiety and bouts of depression. We feel vulnerable because these small people are …

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1:1 is the gift to stressed out, tired caregivers

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Caregivers are stretched thin, the exhaustion seeps into your bones. It can cause depression, pain and heighten anxiety. However you need to be alert, you can’t take things that’ll make you drowsy or impair short-term memory. When most people think about using cannabis, they think about smoking a joint and getting high. However you can use cannabis with THC and not feel intoxicated, the best way is by microdosing a 1:1. What is a 1:1 …

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You can bring your kids into a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine but not to a cannabis store to get your CBD

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The hypocrisy around the laws for cannabis compared to alcohol is astounding. It’s comes down to fear from decades of reefer madness style propaganda. Let me give you this statistic to blow your mind on just how hypocritical these laws are: Deaths from Alcohol worldwide: 3 million Deaths from cannabis: 0 That’s right, there’s no lethal dose of cannabis. You literally can’t overdose and die from cannabis but you can from alcohol. People will then …

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Weed Mama is to here to teach you how to use cannabis to feel better

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Today I ran into a mom from my kids school, she told me about the really hard time she’s having. I could feel her exhaustion and sadness. I wanted to give her a hug and some cannabis. Flower Power Cannabis is an escape from the heavy emotions, it gives you a moment of lightness, buoyancy which, when you’re under intense stress, is therapeutic. It’s healing and necessary as stress can be dangerous to your health. …

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Microdosing Mushrooms~are psychedelics the next big thing in plant medicine?

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I must admit the last time I did mushrooms was in my 20s. Weed papa and I shoved a bunch in our mouth and washed it down with slurpees. What happened next was magic followed by nightmare because we did way too much. However I remember a sweet spot with mushrooms. Similar to cannabis you can feel mellow, introspective and peaceful. Taking small amounts can help you relax I recently read that some moms are …

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How to come out of the cannabis closet to your mom friends

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I’ve been using cannabis for over 20 years, I’m used to hiding it because it was illegal for so long. However now that it’s legal in Canada, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, right? While you might not be doing anything illegal it can still make you feel anxious telling people, especially other moms. There’s a fear they’ll judge you, perhaps even leave you and your child out of invites to things. While I …

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Dry herb vaporizing: Can you reheat a bowl you just vaped?

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Yes! You can reheat your bowl which is both economical and good for those us who are too lazy (like me) to refill it 😄 However there’s a few things to know about vaping the same bowl twice : 1- it will taste not so great on second round 2- depending on the temperature you initially vaped at, you’ll lose some properties on second round as they’ve been vaped off 3- only really works if …