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Your Taroscopes for June 2020 

By Jessie Macpherson


The Chariot
Vrooooom! Even if the coronavirus is slowing the world down, you’re ready to go; take this as the sign you need to move forward. Get started, get busy and step forward into your plans. If you’ve got any fears, they make fantastic speed bumps. Go forth.
Tools to try: Draw a map of your goals and follow it.
Affirmation: Onward!


Balance is everything this month and you’re right on point.
You’ve got your emotions flowing while staying grounded. Don’t let anything knock you off; if you need to, take your wings and rise right above. Be strong, accountable and this month you may be someone else’s guardian angel as well as your own. Hallelujah.
Tools to try: Have a magic bath or shower; add salt, your favourite scents and let any issues just wash away down the drain.
Affirmation: I am in balance and where I belong.


Knight of Swords
Get ready for an infusion of bravery this June. You’ve been doing the work and like exercise or staying hydrated, it’s making you stronger and paying off. Got a challenge? Leap forward to face it and victory is assured.
Tools to try: List times that you’ve been brave. Carry it in your wallet or keep it on your altar.
Affirmation: My heart strengthens me.


Seven of Pentacles
Look how you’re growing! As summer comes in, observe how far you have come since the beginning of the year; what have you learned, what skills have you developed, what have you felt? Be proud of what you have done and keep laying the foundation for a successful future. Look to the autumn for new ideas.
Tools to try: Find a plant that you want to nurture. When you water or feed it, focus on sharing that energy with yourself.
Affirmation: I grow and I bloom.


Page of Wands
Are you booored? Of course you are- no lion likes being in a cage and quarantine means we’ve all had a lot of that. Now’s the time to stretch, yawn, swish your tail and get something that’s going to wake you up. If you need to, sit with yourself, feel it and see how that shakes up your imagination. There’s a spark on its way and it’s
just for you.
Tools to try: Get a big piece of paper and doodle. Choose your favourite drawing and journal about it.
Affirmation: Creativity makes me strong.


Three of Pentacles
Assemble! Even if you can’t be as close as you want, now is the time for you to make connections. There’s a lot opening for you, but go out and get it. It’s a great time to try that virtual event, make space for companionship and strengthen ties with the team that you have. Working together will help you strengthen yourself.
Tools to try: Bring three flowers into your home. Name them after what qualities you want to attract and put them on your altar.
Affirmation: I am held by light and harmony.


Eight of Swords
Preserve your energy and keep it close. Keep your boundaries strong since you are in a tender, developing space. Treat yourself like a growing plant, keep your ground safe, tend to yourself and be prepared to see what blossoms in the next few months.
Tools to try: Tidy the doorway to your home and anoint it with one of your favourite oils.
Affirmation: I am grounded and I grow.


The Star
June is the month for you to shine, Scorpio; lift up your heart, your life and your power. While your sign means you have a flair for the sensual and decadent, remember that as part of the lifeforce this is your birthright and a steady way to sustain yourself. In June, you get to help be an example for others; step out, be luminous and show them how it is done.
Tools to try: Write a description of your starriest self. Keep it on your bathroom mirror for the month.
Affirmation: I am radiance.


King of Swords
En garde! Your mind is your weapon this month and you’re tapped into solid wisdom and decision making. If it’s time to make a decision reflect, look at all angles, use your intellect and decide. You’ve got the wisdom and authority to make it work, step into it.
Tools to try: Get a new pen. Anoint it with your favourite oil or scent. Use it for your new projects.
Affirmation: I am strong, grounded and powerful.


Three of Cups
It’s an emotion party and you’re invited! This month it’s time to honor the full spectrum of your feelings from tears to smiles to absolute joy. There’s plenty to celebrate. Keep your friends close, let them dance with you and support you. Community is everything, your feelings are powerful and you’re ready to let them all lift you up.
Tools to try: Make yourself a favourite beverage. Sit down, think about infusing it with
joy. Drink slowly and let it sink in.
Affirmation: Delight is my birthright.


The Fool
If the world is upside down, you’re right side up. Use this month to invent, create and do it your way; it is time to take that leap. It’s a time to embody your truth. Prepare to soar over those waves and dive under those obstacles, because you can. Go forward and greet the future with a grin.
Tools to try: Turn on a favourite song and dance like no one is watching. Be as wild and weird as you want.
Affirmation: My vision is my joy.


Five of Cups
Put down all those shoulds; you’ve been carrying them long enough. Give yourself rest from your burdens and focus on being good enough. You’ve got compassion, kindness and hope and that’s going to get you what you need right now. Refresh yourself from your two full cups and keep going.
Tools to try: Find a nice lotion. Before bed each night, rub it into your hands and imagine them absorbing love.
Affirmation: I am enough and I am beautiful.


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