Slide Tarotscopes by Jessie Macpherson Tarot Your monthly horoscopes with the fabulous
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Each month find out what you need to focus
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Your monthly tarotscopes from Jessie Macpherson tarot gives you a glimpse at the main theme for the coming month, with a bit of Jessie's magic to give you some encouragement and wisdom for the weeks ahead. Also is a cannabis product suggestion to balance your month.

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Your Tarotscopes for November 2020

By Jessie Macpherson


Ten of Cups
Love, love, love! This month, keep your heart open and feel all the kinds of love around you. No matter how tough it gets, remember that love is stronger than anything and that includes self-love. Don’t be afraid-you can hold much more love than you even think you can.

Monthly Magic: Bathe in the magic of love with a bath with Epsom salts and rose oil. To add extra atmosphere, try burning some rose incense on charcoal with a bit of cannabis flower on it. Breathe in all that beauty.

Affirmation: Love is present in all I do.


Stay wild, moonchild. This month you’re going to be getting in touch with passions you thought had gone dormant; let it happen and let your creative self run free. There’s no need to self-censor, just remember that you are starry, sparkly and wonderful.

Monthly Magic: Give automatic writing a try; clear your mind and for five minutes, handwrite whatever comes to mind. Look at it and see what wants to be created. Try a fun vape pen to bring out your celestial vibe.

Affirmation: I am and have always been magic..


The Fool
It’s time to take that leap of faith; perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right time. Consider this a sign that the right time is right now. Try that thing you’ve been waiting for, bust out that idea and see how far it takes you. Remember, you’re going to fly.

Monthly Magic: Get a piece of aventurine, the stone of opportunity, for your altar. Try meditating while holding it and visualize your success-then treat yourself to a hot cider with a little cannabis tincture.

Affirmation: I embrace new beginnings with ease.


Page of Wands
Look around you this month: what do you wish for in your world? It’s time to bring that into being. If you need to, break it down into small steps and do a few of them this month. It only takes a little bit to start creating the world you want and you’ve got that power.

Monthly Magic: Write a wish in pencil on your favourite rolling paper. Fill it with a lovely indica and let every breath send your wish into the universe.

Affirmation: I am the flame of creativity.


Six of Cups
Be gentle with yourself this month; you don’t always need to be fierce. Relax and snuggle into some comfort this month, take some time for you, get those fuzzy slippers or that nice tea and a nap. Nurture yourself with the nicest of creature comforts and you’ll be ready to take on challenges soon enough.

Monthly Magic: Get a little bag, some lavender and a crystal and make yourself a sleep sachet. Tuck it under your pillow for comforting, tender sleep. Go classic and cozy with a cannabis brownie.

Affirmation: Rest makes me happy and strong.


Eight of Swords
Look at what you can and can’t change this month; struggling could cost you your well- being. Instead, choose your battles and preserve your energy. Keep that strength in reserve, keep being calm and watch the rewards unfold.

Monthly Magic: Write qualities you want to take in onto a banana, on the peel. Use it to make a smoothie with cannabis leaves (or add a little of your favourite tincture.) Drink in the healing.

Affirmation: I create serenity around me


Four of Swords
Stop, drop and revitalize this month. If you’ve been running on empty, consider this a sign to do what you need to relax, whether it’s reality TV and pizza or Pilates and veggies. A little of what you like is going to revive your spirit and help you cruise forward into the winter.

Monthly Magic: Make things easy and magic by making a Crock-Pot or Instant Pot recipe; write a wish on a piece of paper and tape it to the appliance and let it infuse it with magic. While you do that, treat yourself to a little something in the prettiest bong you can find.

Affirmation: I am revived, I am restored.


Five of Wands
You’re on your way to the top; be prepared for a new opportunity to shine. Take it on, you are ready and you’re being recognized for your hard work. Keep your fires burning bright and they’ll warm you all this month.

Monthly Magic: Draw a symbol to represent your success, draw it on a piece of thin paper (or on the insole) and put it in your shoe. Walk forward in magic! After all that walking, reward your feet with an infused topical.

Affirmation: Victory is my birthright.



The Magician
The power is on for you this month. Did you know you can create anything you want? This month is the perfect time for that. Step forward, be strong and remember that all the tools you need, you already possess.

Monthly Magic: Dress up your altar! Clean it with saltwater and smoke, then put your favourite special objects on it.  After that, try sparkling sativa in a crystal pipe to enhance your magic.

Affirmation: I am all the magic I need.


Three of Swords
Owie-your heart hurts and it’s okay. Look at what your old wounds are and honour the work you have done to heal them. Do a lot of self-care and self-soothing this month and you’ll be able to face the next month with a heart that is stronger and braver than ever.

Monthly Magic: Write a list of things that have caused you pain. Notice them, then burn them, flush them or throw them in a trash can. Let yourself feel free. Give yourself a little TLC and laughter by making and smoking out of an apple bong.

Affirmation: My heart is open; my heart is free.


The Devil
Perhaps you’ve been a little too good lately; the Devil is an invitation to let your hair down, shake up the status quo and change things around for the better for yourself. Don’t get stuck in being so rebellious that you chain yourself to outdated thinking, but let your desires propel you forward.

Monthly Magic: Make yourself a glass of mulled wine or cider with warming spices and infuse it with energy and strength, then drink it mindfully. Toast yourself with the most wickedly delicious blunt you can make.

Affirmation: I am original and I am free.


The scales are coming around to balance in your favour. The Universe may not always play fair but be prepared for some balance and symmetry to come into your life just when you need it. Your being generous and just to others is going to pay off in a special way, so be ready.

 Monthly Magic: Write a letter or volunteer for a cause you believe in. Seal it with a wish for justice for all. Smooth it out with a nice dose of CBD oil.

Affirmation: My heart is feather-light, I am in balance.

Your Tarotscopes for October 2020

By Jessie Macpherson


Queen of Cups
The world’s got you feeling emotions. It’s time to create a good container for them. Focus on feeling the feelings and building a safe place for them to be expressed, even if you need to tell yourself you’re feeling angry. Build your cup with love and tenderness and let your feelings sustain you.

Monthly Magic: Feeling upset? Get some modeling clay or dough and mold yourself the cup of your dreams. Keep it or return it to clay to create a fresh one later. While you are, consider having a warm cup of cannabis tea.

Affirmation: My feelings support me.


Knight of Pentacles
You’re in the space for some earthly wisdom right now. Plant your feet on the ground, get rooted and be patient. Watch for new things to develop in terms of resources both in creating opportunities and personal development. It’s your time to reach down and grow up towards the light.

Monthly Magic: Find a small rock (or a piece of crystal) that you like. Name it with a quality you want to bring into your life. Keep it on your altar or carry it with you through the month as you focus on the quality. To keep yourself grounded, consider some CBD

Affirmation: My roots make me strong.


The Moon
Check your dreams and imagination, they’ve got vital information for you this month.
Pay attention to what your mind keeps turning to, there’s a lesson in it. Keep yourself rested and let the dream fountain flow. Know thyself!
Monthly Magic: Use lavender oil or another scent that you like to dab on your pillow to bring you easy, comfortable sleep. Focus on your intent as you anoint your pillow.
Consider an indica tincture or strain to help you rest.

Affirmation: My visions become my reality.


Eight of Cups
Move on, you’ve paid for what you need to emotionally. You may be going back over a situation that you cannot control or one that bothers you. It’s time to let it go and give yourself the space to keep going freely. Forgiveness isn’t just for others, it’s for you.

Monthly Magic: Write a situation which you feel like you’ve been ruminating on too long on a piece of paper. Burn it or dispose of it in a trash can near a crossroads. Celebrate with some cannabis tincture in hot chocolate.

Affirmation: I am free and joyful.


Six of Swords
Where are you headed? If you’re feeling a little lost, consider this a reminder that you are moving towards calmer, beautiful seas. The turmoil of the past few months is going to become easier and happier. Prepare for smooth sailing ahead.

Monthly Magic: Draw a map of the emotional state you want to reach. Be as playful with place names and ideas as you want to be. Keep it on your altar or near your keys as a reminder of your travel and consider having fruit dipped in cannabis infused honey to make your mental journey sweet.

Affirmation: I move peacefully and with intent.


Ten of Wands
See that new responsibility? It’s time to lift up, raise it and make it part of your life. Right now, it may seem scary to take it on, but you have the skills to make it happen. This is going to be an important part of your personal growth, so do that heavy lifting, build that muscle and see how you shine.

Monthly Magic: Try a little magic while you sleep; write a question in blue or black ink on a piece of paper. Put it in your pillowcase and see what your dreams have to tell you. Journal on the experience the next day. Try a cannabis infused topical to deal with any aches and pains you have before you sleep to focus your energy on dream work.

Affirmation: I make my burdens light.


Balance is where you are this month. Do what it takes to maintain your equilibrium in all areas, be attentive to where you might need to balance and shift accordingly. You know how to do this dance and you do it beautifully.

Monthly Magic: Imagine running the energy of temperance through your body. Where do you feel comfort and strength? Write about it in your journal. Consider a sativa strain in a nice vaporizer to pump up your perceptions.

Affirmation: I am balanced and serene.


The Sun
You are luminous this month-enjoy your glow! Be prepared to be in touch with your happiness; act accordingly with it and if there is a question, choose what will make you happy. Your radiance is going to light the way for others, so stay shiny.

Monthly Magic: Go outside and soak up some of the sun’s rays. Imagine absorbing them into yourself and refracting them back. Consider taking in some of that light by smoking out of the prettiest bong you can find.

Affirmation: I am pure light.



The Magician
The world is yours this month, but what are you going to do with it? Examine all your skills and see what you can do to use them. Can you make your world brighter, happier, more creative? Of course you can! Now get out there and make your magic.

Monthly Magic: It’s time for you to make a wand. Go out, find a fallen stick that calls to you, leave a payment for it (a flower, a coin, a bit of your hair) and make it yours-wire wrap it with a crystal, carve or paint it or leave it as it is. Think about manifesting your desires in the world. As you create, you might want to consider a piece of cannabis infused chocolate to help your process.

Affirmation: I am made of magic.


Four of Wands
Home sweet home! Enjoy the bounty of love, friendship and happiness that is coming your way in October. You’re also going to be in a place to share that homelike energy, so share that beauty with those you love and care about.

Monthly Magic: Make a list of three things you want to manifest in your home life. Keep it where the moonlight can infuse it, then keep it in your wallet. Consider enjoying a few gummy edibles to sweeten the work.

Affirmation: I am at home in my body, spirit and emotions.


Six of Cups
Kick back, relax and enjoy a few simple pleasures, the more nostalgic the better. Bring your inner child a little bit of playtime but temper it with the pleasures of being an adult. Keeping this symmetrical will assure you get the best out of your delights.

Monthly Magic: Take some magazines or coloured paper. Make a vision board based on your ideals of pleasure and innocence. While you’re doing this, consider having a joint in a pretty or flavoured paper, whatever kind you wish for.

Affirmation: Joy is my birthright.


The Tower
Drop everything, take care of yourself now. Do that medical thing you’ve been meaning to do, fix what you’ve been meaning to fix, have that conversation, anything along those lines. It’s a self-care and self-preservation month, but if you put in the effort it’s going to pay off in the next few months.

Monthly Magic: Self-nurturance is vital right now; while not all self-care calls for baths, now is a great time for one. Focus on an intent while you mix up some table and Epsom salts for your bath. See the water revitalizing you when you sink into it and absorb some of that magic. To make it even better, add a CBD bath bomb to give your aching self a little extra love.

Affirmation: I rise triumphant.


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