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Your monthly tarotscopes from Jessie Macpherson tarot gives you a glimpse at the main theme for the coming month, with a bit of Jessie's magic to give you some encouragement and wisdom for the weeks ahead. Find previous tarotscopes here

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Your Taroscopes for September 2020

By Jessie Macpherson


Knight of Swords
This month brings a moment you’ve been preparing for. Be ready to step into your power, grow stronger and avoid the comfort of staying in your shell. It might feel scary, but you were born ready for this-go ahead and get stronger, get brighter.

Monthly Magic: Get a tea light. Carve it with a word that symbolizes your power, anoint it with your favourite oil. Burn it while you meditate and imagine that fiery energy lighting
you up.

Affirmation: My radiance lights me and the world.


The Moon:
Use your discernment. September is a huge idea time for you, but that can also bring
some unreal anxieties. Check yourself as to what is valid and what is not and grow the dreams that are going to bring you the strength and power that you need. Leave those
fears at the door. Keep going!

Monthly Magic: Make a list of your fears in water-soluble ink. Put it in a bowl of water overnight, watch the water change colour, then empty it of the paper and water. Fill it
with clean water and leave it on your altar.

Affirmation: My dreams become my reality.


Who’s that balanced, gorgeous being? It’s you! Gemini, all of your multiple sides this
month are working together and it’s great. You’re in a terrific position to accomplish your
goals right now. Don’t let any one aspect dominate but keep in harmony and you’ll see beautiful results.

Monthly Magic: Take a piece of tiger’s eye or carnelian. Meditate on your favourite
version of the Strength card while holding it. Carry it in your pocket, wallet or bag this
month as a reminder of your power.

Affirmation: All aspects of myself are in balance and are beautiful.


Queen of Cups
If you need to cry this month, it’s okay. You’ve earned that nervous breakdown, it’s yours. Do what you need to do to vent those emotions, punch a pillow, cry, watch that sad movie—and then do what you need to do to lift your spirits right back up. Your feelings are your compass and you know how to use them to navigate the ups and downs of the next few weeks.

Monthly Magic: Take a long bath with regular and Epsom salts and add a favourite calming scent. Take the time to relax and absorb all the love and peace you need to
soothe you.

Affirmation: My emotions are my magic.


Knight of Cups
Congratulations, you’re on an emotional adventure. This month opens up new levels of
understanding and intelligence about your feelings. It might be time to go ahead and jump-start loving yourself in addition to others. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and open with yourself and find out how radiant you really are.

Monthly Magic: Take markers, doilies, any materials you might like and even though it’s September, make yourself a Valentine. Keep it in a place where you can see it for the month.

Affirmation: I face my feelings with vision and passion.


The Empress
You grow, girl. Right now, you’re harvesting all the fruits of the work you’ve been doing earlier in the year, but don’t forget to save some of that energy. If you’re growing the
garden, don’t forget to save some of that beautiful produce for yourself. Keep growing
strong and start thinking ahead to what you want to grow in the months ahead-plant your dreams accordingly.

Monthly Magic: Get some magazines and make yourself a garden vision board—add all the plants, animals and beautiful things that make you feel happy. While you’re doing it, visualize the life that you are creating unfolding just as you want it.

Affirmation: I give and receive love bountifully.


The Universe
Prepare for the culmination of a cycle of growth this month; you’re levelling up. Check your perspectives, keep your eyes open and be ready to start chasing that next prize. Remember what happened to the person who got all they dreamed of? They lived happily ever after.

Monthly Magic: Go stargazing outside (or even at the planetarium). Imagine yourself in the company of the stars and see how you sparkle. Let that light you up this month.

Affirmation: The world is mine!


Nine of Cups
Love, love, love. Be prepared to be showered with love this month and take it to heart. It might have been a struggle to get here but right now, accept it with ease and happiness. If you’ve been looking for a sign that you’re worthy, here it is-and you are.

Monthly Magic: Use a permanent marker or Dremel tool to inscribe a magic word or symbol on the bottom of your water bottle. Every time you drink, feel that energy infusing the water and take it all in.

Affirmation:Love is my blessing; my blessings are love.



The Devil
Feeling naughty? Look at the ways in which a situation may be keeping you constrained; then figure out a way to make it easier on you. Firmly request that extra break or that little bit of help to help you make it through. The status does not have to be quo for you and you don’t need to tolerate things that are cramping you right now.

Monthly Magic: Make a money jar. Put in some coins so you always have money coming in, add a bit of gold glitter if you like. Place it by your entrance as a reminder
that you have the resources you need to work freely.

Affirmation: I always find a way to make it work.


Queen of Pentacles
Opulence-you own everything! You’re sitting pretty this month and you’ll have a solid foundation from which to have everything you need and then some. It’s a good time to do some gratitude work and it’s also a good time to plan on how to invest some of those resources to help keep you ready for the next few months. You can do it, you’re a queen.

Monthly Magic: Donate some time, energy or money to something you care about to help spread that abundance around. As you do it, visualize it being returned to you

Affirmation: I love abundance and abundance loves me.


Eight of Cups
Keep moving on. Right now, it’s important that you acknowledge any emotional issues that have been on your mind but let any stress about it go. If you’re worried about paying your dues, you have and you’ve done it in all the ways you need to. Now go build something beautiful.

Monthly Magic: Take a glass of water. Whisper any or all times you’ve felt yourself getting stuck in a self-doubting situation. When you’re ready, add a little salt, then slowly
pour it down the drain, visualizing any issues swirling away.

Affirmation: I put aside all that does not serve me and I become stronger.


Nine of Pentacles
Get chilled out, you’re in a good place. Right now, the Universe wants you to express your gratitude for abundance—by enjoying it. So, take that bath, treat yourself to something cute or simply maximize your pleasure on that day off. Sometimes the best
thanks is taking pleasure and saying thank you.

Monthly Magic:Get a gold or green pen. Use it to sign your debit or credit cards and anything else you use for finances.

Affirmation:Abundance flows to and through me.


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