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Your monthly tarotscopes from Jessie Macpherson tarot gives you a glimpse at the main theme for the coming month, with a bit of Jessie's magic to give you some encouragement and wisdom for the weeks ahead. Find previous tarotscopes here

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Your Taroscopes for July 2020

By Jessie Macpherson


Seven of Wands
Prepare for understanding; you’re going to comprehend a situation or an emotional issue that has been eluding you. There may be a lot of conflicting feelings, so let yourself rest and process all of them before you make any decisions. The clarity you get is going to be worth it. Be brave.
Monthly Magic:  Write down a question you want answered on a piece of paper in blue or violet ink. Put it under your pillow when you sleep and see what you discover.
Affirmation:  All will be revealed. I am on the correct path


Keep it on the level this month and don’t let anything throw you off your game. This includes making time for pleasure. With the work you’re doing it’s vitally important, so while you are doing your important work, make time for something that makes you happy. Put it in your planner or your phone, listen and then get back to your work. Balance!
Monthly Magic: Create a perfect nap space; perhaps smooth clean sheets on the bed, a comfy spot on the sofa, something to cover you that makes you feel nice. Scent the pillow with your favourite oil and indulge in a restorative nap.
Affirmation: I contribute to all the worlds I touch. I am valuable.


There’s a reckoning coming your way; be ready for the scales to be weighed in your favour. There will be a balancing of old injustices. Be prepared to take stock of them and start contemplating how to step forward. You have the chance to make a new world for yourself and others. Start building.
Monthly Magic: Find a feather. Anoint it with frankincense oil or purify it with smoke. While you do that, whisper a wish to it. Leave it near a tree to let your wish make its way out in the world.
Affirmation: My heart is light as a feather and my soul is pure.


Queen of Pentacles
Who’s in the money? It’s you. The next few weeks see you entering a period of abundance; be ready to enjoy it, it’s the best way to be grateful. Likewise, think of a way to help pay some of this forward-is there a cause or something you have wanted to aid and haven’t gotten to yet? Do it now: generosity breeds more abundance.
Monthly Magic: Make a donation of any size to a charity that matters to you. Keep the receipt in your wallet and tell no one. This is your magic.
Affirmation: I protect and I provide. I am wealth.


Queen of Swords
Use your edge this month; it’s time to cull what isn’t making you happy. Take an inventory, remove what you need and see how it goes. Remember you choose what to remove. You also have the ability to add back what you might decide to keep. You choose and you choose wisely.
Monthly Magic: Write a two minute, no stopping journal entry about what you don’t want in your life, then a two minute, no stopping write one about what you do. What can you create with this knowledge?
Affirmation: My choice is my strength


Seven of Pentacles
It’s another opportunity for growth! Watch all you have achieved; the seeds you have sown are starting to bear fruit. Be proud of yourself, but also be ready to plan for the next step-what do you want to do with these skills or ideas? Part of branching out with pentacles implies building community as well as skill-who do you want to share this wish and how?
Monthly Magic: Get a few fresh berries. Name them after qualities you want to develop in yourself. Eat and enjoy.
Affirmation: I nourish myself and others with my creativity.


King of Pentacles
It’s time to be regal and step into strength and responsibility. Be prepared to handle your spiritual and physical resources with all the skills you have. If you have a new opportunity, take it, because you are ready. Don’t give in to worry, because now is the time-do it solidly, firmly and with strength and you will succeed. Act like you can because you can, you monarch you.
Monthly Magic: Find a special coin. Anoint it with olive oil and cinnamon and place it on your altar to draw prosperous energy to you. If you prefer, carry it with you.
Affirmation: I am my strength and my wealth.


Queen of Wands
Fire is in your blood this month; use that energy to push your creative efforts forward. You’ve got the ideas and the direction, so take the steps you need to make this come to being-network, take a class, or start as simply as making an outline. Get ready, because this is going to be an extremely powerful time for your ideas.  Be prepared to use them to set the world alight.
Monthly Magic: Take a tea light or small candle. Anoint it with one of your favourite oils. Set an intention when you light it. Meditate while looking at it.Continue to light it and meditate with it all month.
Affirmation: Mine is the spark that lights the world.


Wheel of Fortune
Where are you off to? There’s going to be an ample assortment of opportunities and fun things to to, as well as some that might be more difficult. Look for the good and lean towards it, see where it settles by mid-August. The wheel spins, but you’re making it work.
Monthly Magic: Take one of your favourite books, flip through it. Close your eyes, flip through the book, point and see what word or phrase your finger touches. What does it mean to you?
Affirmation: I ride the tides of life with ease.


Three of Pentacles
Time to for you to begin!  Start that new enterprise or start learning that new skill This may mean fighting the inner critic; make sure you keep it at bay and keep practicing what and creating what you need, even if it is a bit at a time. Work at it and your efforts will start paying off by August. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be fun.
Monthly Magic: Look at a picture of your younger self. Think of all the things you wanted to try. What do you want to keep from it and what can you do to try?
Affirmation: I create my world beautifully, piece by piece.


Three of Swords
What ails thee? Look at what’s wounding you right now. Acknowledge the hurt, but also be aware that there are resources to help you heal. Remember that a muscle tears to get stronger and more trained; dealing with these emotions will build resilience and power. You’ll be checking out of that heartbreak in no time at all.
Monthly Magic: Take a bath in salt water. Imagine it lifting you, letting you float, cradling and nurturing you. (If you can, try a dip in the ocean.) Let yourself feel loved and supported.
Affirmation: Healing is my gift and wholeness is my birthright.


The Hanged Man
This month is a time for development; take it slowly and listen to your needs. Create your own cocoon. Use this time to relax, feel yourself grow and be ready to fly off to new pastures in the next month. You are ready to become an even better version of yourself, so let it happen slowly at the proper pace. Give yourself the chance to develop with love.
Monthly Magic: Find a place where you can look at flowers outside. Observe them with all your senses. Think about how It would feel to land on that flower-and how it would feel to lift off from it and fly.
Affirmation:  This is my becoming and my blossoming.


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