Julianne Nowe on how cannabis is part of her wellness routine

"Cannabis has healed multiple infections in my body. When you know what cannabinoids you need and why-it brings your body back to homeostasis. Cannabis only kills negative cells and bacteria not the good ones. It literally enters your body and knows exactly what it needs to do. I smoke cannabis every day to treat anxiety and chronic pain. Smoking breaks the blood-brain barrier treating PTSD and anxiety. I also take CBD oil weekly to keep my immune system happy and to ease my chronic pain,PMS and anxiety. Cannabis has allowed me to live my life fully, without fear, without missing time or precious moments. It has saved my life partner as a veteran with PTSD and it has brought our family closer because the kids are educated and all of us are present and living in harmony."

Julianne Nowe is a cannabis coach and yoga instructor. You can view her coaching packages here and use code If you’d like to sign up for her coaching packages use code: NEWYEAR to receive 15% off the group coaching series and 15% off the 1:1 coaching package 

Yoga Flows by Lady Nowe


How lucky are we to get these 4 amazing yoga flows by Ladynow.com for free! Visit the youtube page to pick your flow

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